Republican Field Getting Smaller

Carly Fiorina is putting her campaign on hold today after a poor showing in New Hampshire and reports are that Chris HugObama Christie will do the same.

William Whalen has a great piece at Foxy Blondes News today where he suggests only 5 republicans still have a shot; Trump, Kasich, Cruz, Breck girl Rubio and Jeb Bush.

Kasich however, has little money and not much ground game in the coming states. I think his campaign is bound to go the route of those before him who also made the mistake of betting it all on New Hampshire. I predict Kasich will be a one-hit wonder and fade quickly after South Carolina.

With the stronger than expected showing of Jeb Bush, and Rubio’s poor debate performance, Marco’s efforts may be short-lived as well. His momentum is in reverse, never a good thing!

So, I ‘d cut Whalen’s list to three leaving Trump, Conservative American Ted Cruz and republicrat Jeb Bush remaining. The fact there are three or five dividing the non-Trump vote may result in Trump being unstoppable.

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