Republicans Gleeful to Have Excuse to Dump Trump

Democrat politicians would never, ever dump their candidate for President. They stood by Bill Clinton. They stand by Hillary Clinton. Bill is a rapist, a philanderer, and a sleaze ball. He’s Bill Cosby for Pete’s sake. But the democrat politicians stood by him. Hillary lies about Benghazi to ensure she could run for President. She lies about everything and may have even had people killed. But they stick with her. She’s a child rapist lawyer for God’s sake.

So ask yourself… why are Republicans so willing and eager to dump Donald Trump? And they’re actually willing to abandon him (thanks Paul Ryan) over words? Over something stupid he said years ago?

Why can’t republicans toughen up?

It’s because they are simply unable to cope with the American people picking a candidate from outside their club.

Paul Ryan should join Hillary on the unemployment line in November. What the hell is the matter with him? He’s never tough on Hillary Clinton. His morals and ethics are never offended by her.

The system is so corrupt and out of control it is unbelievable. The United States is dying and it’s because of corrupt entrenched democrat and republican politicians.

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