RNC Chair Candidates Review

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

The selection of one of the six men trying to become the next chairman of the Republican National Committee could set the stage for a GOP comeback or a GOP replay. Here’s a review of who wants the job.

1. Mike Duncan – Duncan is the current chair of the RNC. Under his leadership, the republican party dumped it’s core value of limiting the size and expense of government. The party became a big spending party just like the democrats and ignored conservative Americans as “extremists” or far right wing nuts. We’ve had enough of Mike Duncan. He had his turn. He failed. He needs to admit his departure from traditional conservative principles was a failure and step aside to let a conservative come forward.

2. Katon Dawson – South Carolina Republican Chairman Katon Dawson is a conservative and has done a good job of producing wins for our side. There’s also a nasty story out there about how he was a member of a whites only country club. At a time when we have our first partially black president, this may be enough to do him in. The dems, libs and socialists already like to falsely label conservatives as hate mongers and racists. This may not be the guy to help us prevent democrats from telling the public who we are. Republicans have done a lousy job of telling the public OUR story and responding to democrat stereotypes accepted by much of the media. While we like his conservative stance, we’re not sure he can be the guy.

3. Saul Anuzis – Anuzis is chair of the Michigan Republican Party. He calls himself an unapologetic Ronald Reagan Conservative. He had this to say about the Chip Saltsman stunt to mail out the Paul Shanklin musical CD with the song, “Barack the Magic Negro,” on it: “Just as important, anything that paints the GOP as being motivated in our criticism of President-elect Obama by anything other than a difference in philosophy does a disservice to our party.” Saul does not have the wins (he’s from Michigan, land of the UAW and bailout hungry automakers) that Dawson has, but he believes in the 14 principles of what a conservative American believes [SEE OUR POST ON THAT TOPIC]. Anuzis has the tech-savy edge we need in a leader and the positive view of our future and our nation that can drive us to victories. He is a red-blooded conservative American who can return the GOP to the traditional conservative belief system that wins elections. We whole-heartedly endorse Saul Anuzis for chair of the RNC. Please visit his website and add your name to his “join the fight” section on the home page.

4. Chip Saltsman – This is the guy making news this week (which, no doubt, he loves) for sending supporters and potential supporters a Christmas gift of the Paul Shanklin song parody, “Barack the magic negro.” We have a post defending him and pointing out it was black liberal writer David Ehrenstein’s irresponsible column in the Los Angeles Times last March which called President Elect Obama “the magic negro.” Depsite what you may read, it wasn’t Saltsman, Shanklin or Rush Limbaugh who said this. Saltsman points out the media double standard in NOT making a big deal about Ehrenstein’s stupid column, “but now, of course, they’re shocked and appalled by its parody on ‘The Rush Limbaugh Show’. I firmly believe that we must welcome all Americans into our party and that the road to Republican resurgence begins with unity, not division. But I know that our party leaders should stand up against the media’s double standards and refuse to pander to their desire for scandal.” Still a dumb move for Saltsman. So was running the campaign of Fox TV show host Mike Huckabee. Huckabee has no conservative track record to run on. With two dumb moves under his belt, I don’t see how Saltsman can be the guy.

5. Ken Blackwell – Don’t let the red “X” fool you. We like former Ohio secretary of state Ken Blackwell, who would become the first black RNC chairman if he wins, a whole bunch. We need people like him in the party in leadership roles and he is our strong second choice. We won’t be upset if he wins. We think a Blackwell-Anuzis team could be an unbeatable one-two punch. From Blackwell’s website:

“It is time to completely remake the Republican Party by returning to our core philosophy (limited government, traditional values and a strong defense), reaching voters more effectively (by better utilization of technology, targeting and voter identification and turnout), and reorganizing the RNC itself (spending smarter, replacing staff and consultants and modernizing our fundraising infrastructure).I will be proposing an “RNC Conservative Resurgence Plan” that will be a dramatic overhaul of the way the RNC does business.)” We can’t wait to see it!

6. Michael Steele – is former Lt. Governor of Maryland and a Fox News Channel contributor. This is a very bright man with some great speaking skills. However, he also is a member of the centrist, populist wing of the republican party (as evidenced by his membership in the “Republican Leadership Council”). That is not the direction we need to go. Has he changed now? Is he suddenly a conservative? We like people with proven track records of conservatives. He can stay on FOX and support the new RNC chair from that position.

7. ? One name not mentioned is Newt Gingrich.  He says he doesn’t want the job, but we think he is praying nightly for the phone call.  We are praying nightly that the phone call never happens.  We don’t need his “new conservatism” or his “Reagan conservatism is dead” talk.

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