Romney Backing Christie, Who’s Next?

By Peter Andrew -ConservativeAmerican.org – I keep bleeding, I keep, keep, bleeding love.

So FOXy Blondes News says Mitt Romney has stepped forward to stick up for NJ Governor Chris Christie

“I think Chris has handled this in a very effective way,” Romney told The Washington Post

This amid even more Hillary Clinton-inspired hammering of the republican Governor over his ‘bridge’ problems.

That must be great for Christie to have the support of Mitt Romney.  So, who’s next?  Maybe Mitch McConnell and John Boehner will come to his defense.  Or it could be that the next one will be Johny MaverDick McCain himself!!!  It’s no surprise that permanent republicans are standing up for their 2016 chosen one.

That doesn’t do much to warm up Conservative Americans to his Christieness.

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