Rush Agrees: Media Silent on Obama being so Unpopular

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

obama-bush1-450x269Rush Limbaugh today wondered on his radio show why the media is so quiet about President Obama’s low approval ratings when they blasted George W. Bush daily for the same low ratings?  Good question!  That’s why we asked it 6 days ago in our post, “Obama Hates as much as Bush!”

From our post…

“That 39% approval rating is getting awfully close to George W. Bush’s low of 36%.  Democrats convinced the world that, with that low rating, Bush was awful and everything was (and still is) his fault.  Republicans should be on offense right now… More people have a good feeling about George W. Bush than Barack Hugo Obama.  He was supposed to be the anti-Bush!  Instead he used the IRS to target and hurt his political opponents, left our soldiers behind to die in Benghazi, illegally ran guns to Mexico to create fake hatred for guns — a plan that cost a border agent his life, lied to congress and the American people to get the Obamacare Nightmare passed — then lied again to cover it up!”

Even after his biggest lie (If you like your…), the media still is covering for this man, Barack Obama, President of the United Statists.

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