Rush Agrees: Walker is a Winner

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

walker_media_100For months now, ConservativeAmerican.org has listed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as the number one choice for conservatives when it comes to 2016 Presidential candidates. Rush Limbaugh has always spoken in a positive manner about Conservative American Walker and the Governor’s speech in Iowa only boosted his standing. Limbaugh has not endorsed Walker but is speaking positively about him on the national stage of his influential radio show.

Walker lost a few points in his home state over the last week because he just rejected a plan for one of the local native American tribes to build a giant Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Racine. Walker says the pact signed by former democrat Governor Jim Doyle with the Potowatomi Indians prohibits him from okaying the new casino and the thousands of jobs that go with it. Others disagree and this week a bipartisan group of state legislators asked Walker to reconsider. He promptly indicated he would not.

We grant you that turning down these jobs was an odd move for Walker, but we do believe walker is with Conservative Americans far more often than not and is an exciting candidate who can win. Walker is one of the rare politicians who actually proposes big and bold change and then makes it happen. Walker has the guts to do things and has succeeded despite having the full force of the socialist labor unions and democrat lamestream media against him. That’s the kind of national leadership we need.

We’re glad Limbaugh agrees that Walker’s candidacy is worth taking a hard look at. Others in our Conservative American ranking of more than 30 potential GOP 2016 candidates include Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

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