Rush Limbaugh Agrees on Obama’s Foreign Policy

On Thursday, Rush Limbaugh was talking about the ficticious “Obama Doctrine” when he agreed with our take on what drives Obama’s foreign policy.

Limbaugh said of the President, “He pretends he cares so much. It’s a trick.” Two weeks prior, we wrote that…

Michelle Obama sends out a tweet just to let the world know she cares. Caring is what it’s all about, not action?! …And the President’s response simply consisted of his “thinking of” the girls when he woke up one morning and “wishing” he could help… as if he cannot help!

Limbaugh also noted that President Obama has “a chip on his shoulder. It’s how he was raised.” We said,…

His child-like view of foreign policy is unable to see that Islamists are not interested in playing nice. They want everything and everyone ‘Western’ to die. The President is a foolish little boy playing on a very serious world stage.

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