Rush was Right about Rick Perry

Rush Limbaugh was right when he predicted the media would use every opportunity to point out that Texas Governor Rick Perry has been indicted. The goal is not to report facts, but to make people think twice about supporting a Perry presidential bid in 2016.

It seems the entire purpose of the so-called indictment was simply to help Hillary Clintong. In reality, the indictment is a joke. He was indicted for promising to veto a portion of an office budget if a local politician who was arrested did not step down. She didn’t step down and he did veto the spending. That’s illegal, right?! Nonsense! Those responsible for it were less concerned about any legal issue than they were about giving Team Hillary 2016 ammo to use against a potential republican opponent.

From Death & Taxes magazine comes an example proving Rush Limbaugh was right…

Death & Taxes Magazine
Death & Taxes Magazine

The story has nothing to do with the indictment at all. The story is about how Perry will pay for National Guard Troops he sent to secure the Texas border with Mexico. Ah, but any opportunity to blast someone who may get in Hillary’s way simply cannot be resisted by the left.

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