Saul Anuzis – The Atlantic Wonders if We’re Right

By Peter Andrew, Author “Legacy of Lies – The 2009 Obama Administration.”
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Conservative American News & Views. – This entry was originally posted on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Saul Anuzis at a Scouting Event

Back in April, we joined with others calling for RNC Chairman Michael Steele to step down. Our article, “Say Good Night Michael, It’s Time for Saul,” suggested Conservative American Saul Anuzis is the man to take his place.

Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic writes…

Will Saul Anuzis, Michigan businessman, former state party chair, be the next chairman of the RNC? This weekend, he was elected to the national committee. He remains an informal adviser to the current chairman, Michael Steele, and even though he is said to have ties to Mitt Romney’s presidential orbit, he might be an acceptable compromise candidate should Steele decide not to run for reelection…”

Anuzis ran for RNC chair when Steele was selected. Anuzis is a true Reagan conservative and was our top choice, followed by Ken Blackwell. ConservativeAmerican.org continues to feel Anuzis is the best man for the job.

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