Saving Democrats: Hillary 2012

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Though it won’t be made public or acknowledged today, the Hillary Clinton 2012 Presidential campaign starts today.

Leading the way RIGHT, ConservativeAmerican.org first predicted on September 11th that President Barack Obama may not even be the Democrat Party Nominee for President in 2012. The destruction he caused to the party he took to the extreme left will not be forgotten or forgiven. I renew my prediction today, that he will not be the 2012 nominee.

Getty pic from PopCrunch

Republican strategists can go ahead and make plans for potential presidential candidates to defeat Barack Obama if they want to. However, they should spend more time focusing on how they will be the real Democrat nominee in 2012.

Again on October 1st, we were Leading the way RIGHT. ConservativeAmerican.org repeated the belief Obama will not be the nominee and instead the Democrat party will turn to Hillary Clinton.

On October 6th, details of Bob Woodward’s book came out including the (I’m 99% certain) incorrect and odd claim that Hillary would replace Joey Buttafuoco Biden as VP on the Obama ticket in 2012. No way. Hillary does not want to be number two. Especially not under Barack Obama. We discussed that here.

By October 11th, fully a month after our first story ran, Rush Hudson Limbaugh followed our lead predicting the new storyline will be “Hillary 2012.”

Hillary Clinton will let us know if we are correct in time. I look for her to resign, in order to run for President, sometime between tomorrow and January 31st.

2012 could be the year of the woman. We could see Hillary Clinton vs. Sarah Palin. Palin will win and the first female President will take office in January of 2013.

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