Schumer Doesn’t Want to Talk About Voter Fraud?! Russians anyone?

Fake news is out of control. The anti-Trump press doesn’t even point out the ridiculous and brazen hypocrisy of the democrat’s sudden desire to forget about voter fraud!

For weeks and weeks we all had to suffer through the democrats telling us how the election was illegitimate because of the Russians! With no evidence whatsoever (none made public to this day), the whined and complained about phantom Russians hacking emails to destroy Hillary. Now Chucky Doll Schumer wants us to just move along!!

You mean like we wanted him to move along with all the fake Russian crap?!

Now the pretend to be upset, and even have pity on (Nancy Pelosi said she prayed for Trump), Donald Trump for claiming the election was full of voter fraud. Give us a damn break. Why is it okay for the democrats to complain but not for Trump?

The hypocrisy is insane and the lapdog media completely ignores that. None of them point out the hypocrisy of the lameocrats.

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