Scott Walker – Touching the “Untouchables!”

Published February, 2011 –

Conservative American Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is new on the job and willing to “touch” the untouchables. This conservative hero is taking on public employee unions full steam ahead!

By Peter Andrew, ConservativeAmerican.org
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Thank God for Conservative Americans with the guts to do what must be done. Scott Walker is one such person. After serving as County Executive in the heavily democrat Milwaukee County for years, he’s now the governor of the Badger State.

After taking office, he immediately starting making changes to attract business to the state. In a month he has already been able to take steps to remove government regulatory headaches and lower the tax burden on businesses in Wisconsin. Now, he’s taking on the big boys!

Walker announces today a proposal that will all but decertify the state employee unions. His plan will…

  • Keep unions in place, as they are now, for police and fire employees,
  • Let other government employees, INCLUDING TEACHERS in all districts in the state, decide each year if they even want to have a union. If 51% say no, the union is out at least until next year’s vote.
  • Let government employees opt out of being a union member and of paying union dues! No more mandatory dues that simply get transferred to democrat candidates come election time. This wipes out the corruption teacher’s have been able to buy for decades.
  • Stop the state from doing union book-keeping by collecting union dues. Wisconsin would no longer collect dues for the unions if this proposal passes. If the unions want the dues, they can ask the employees each pay period to write them a check. This makes contributions to the democrat party optional instead of the current corruption that enables democrats to collect campaign contributions from employees who don’t even support them!
  • Only allow unions to collectively bargain for the base wage for any position. No more negotiating step increases, pay raises, health benefits, pension benefits, or any other benefit for that matter. The only thing the union would be allowed to do would be to negotiate for the base wage. So why even have a union? Exactly!
  • Save government jobs. Without this change, Walker will lay off 7,500 state workers in the next 2 and a half years. He has also raised the possibility of completely de-certifying government unions.
  • Stop state employees from having to take Furlough days to help the state budget. Between that money the employees will now get paid, and their savings from not having to pay union dues, the employees should roughly have the money to pay for increases Walker is seeking in employee contributions to both healthcare and pension plans.

While it is a fair question to ask why Walker doesn’t just decertify the unions completely, we applaud him for these huge steps. Every state in the nation should do this and the federal government should as well.

Taxpayers should not be forced to support the democrat party with campaign donations by requiring government employees to fund the democrat-party unions. This is corruption beyond compare. ConservativeAmerican.org is thrilled to see Governor Scott Walker tackling this issue.

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