Scotus 9, Obama 0.

The U.S. Supreme Court today voted 9 to zero against President Obama‘s illegal appointments to the labor relations board. That means even the Obama-appointed judges on the high court voted against his illegal abuse of power.

Thank God. Win one for the people of the nation.

Chris Wallace asked on Fox News’ Special Report tonight if these court actions against the administration would have a negative impact on future republican presidents. So what if it does?! It should have a negative impact on all of them. It isn’t about which party wins, this is about the very nature of our how our government works.

Allowing President Obama to continue to break the law over and over will ruin the country. Democrats should realize that. When a republican is in the White House and tries to follow the Obama example, the socialist-democrats will pounce on it and cry foul. Dick Durbin and the boys are being awfully short sighted on this one. But absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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