Sebelius Blames GOP? OMG

obama kissing sebelius

Cleveland.com image

US Health & Abortion Services Director, Kathleen Sebelius, now is blaming house republicans for the fact she could not get the Obamacare Nightmare website up and running in three years!

Unbelievable. She has taken a page from the Obama playbook that says, “Say whatever you want, not matter how outrageous, and the press and the people will believe you.”

It’s beyond belief that this militant abortion activist gets away with blaming republicans, who had absolutely nothing to do with the website, for the fact she can’t do her own job. In the upside down world that President Obama has created, she keeps her job and John Boehner and Paul Ryan get the blame.

She must not have received the memo. It’s not the House GOP she is supposed to blame. They aren’t the big threat. She was supposed to blame Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. He is the new socialist-democrat target. The democrats are trying to Palin-ize Cruz.


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