Senate Dems AWOL

harryreiderbook-199x300Socialist-Democrats in the U.S. Senate are absent today.  Their supreme grumpy-faced dictator, Harry Reid, just didn’t feel like working today. 

So, they want you to believe it is Sooooooooooooo important to avoid a ‘catastrophic government shutdown‘ and at the same time, they waste a day by just hanging out instead of working.  Must not be all that important!

The republicans are not working either, but Harry Reid calls the shots and if he had the Senate in session, they would be there.  This all rests with him.

Republicans in the U.S. House are wondering why the Senate socialist-democrats are dragging their feet while claiming they want to avoid a shutdown. Perhaps the Reid-Obama plan is to have a shutdown so they can blame it on those awful republicans and hope to score points in a 2014 election.

The problem for republicans is that the lame-stream democrat-party-press will simply repeat everything Reid and Barack Hugo Obama say. If the president decides to shut down the government with a veto, he and the media will blame others, NOT the president.   If Harry Reid refuses to compromise with the House, that will (of course) be the House’s fault… at least according to the media.

These reporters who place blame in false places do a great disservice to the nation. And they do it all because of the artificial romance they have created in their brains of how wonderful the whole world will be now that we have had a black President.  There are so many faults in that, not the least of which is that the President is just as white as he is black.  It’s all a made-up, Hollywood fiction.  Maybe they will wake up when the socialist government starts to dictate what they must say.  No need for that now, because the dumb reporters just go along with it for free!

But hey, if the President can lie constantly, why can’t they?

Time to ask some questions: Who benefits if there is a shutdown? Who makes money if there is a shutdown?

The House should stick to the planNo ObamaCare Nightmare!  For many of the House republicans, this is why they were voted in!

Time to put up and NOT shut up.

When the press and the media claim it is all the republican’s fault (and you know that will happen so the GOP should have its talking points done by now), republicans must all get on the radio and on TV in their local areas.  They must make themselves available to reporters and stick to the talking points.

Here are a few I would suggest:

  • An overwhelming majority of Americans do not want ObamaCare.
  • This is a law passed only by Democrats against the will of the people.
  • Right now the delays and exemptions are only for the President’s friends and his ultra-wealthy Wall Street donors.
  • If delays are okay for the wealthy business owners the President pretends to despise, then they are okay for you too.
  • Americans have elected us to put a stop to this and that is what we will do.
  • Essential functions of the government continue.
  • Non-essential functions are shut down.  Perhaps they can just stay shut down if they are not essential.  (And keep talking after you say that, don’t let them interrupt with a question)
  • If the President & the Democrats agree to at least a one-year delay for everyone, we will accept that for now.
  • It is up to the democrats to stop the shutdown.  We have done what we can do.  The ball is in their court.

What talking points would you suggest? Leave a comment.

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