Sharpton to Nigeria

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

All Tweet, No Action.

The horrible Islamist terrorist group, Boca Haram, has kidnapped 300 girls in Nigeria and plans to sell them into slavery. President Obama says he wakes up “wishing” he could help (as if he can’t) and Queen Michelle, pausing from one of her multi-million dollar vacations paid for by the taxpayers, sent out a tweet. Not to be outdone, Hillary 2016 Clinton also sent out a Tweet. So basically Team Obama has done NOTHING.

So much for democrats giving a crap about girls and women. They offer words of support, but no action. Typical.

Hey, why don’t we send the very Reverend Al Sharpton over to Nigeria. He coud take fellow racist Rev. Jesse Jackson and they make this all about blacks. Then the democrats would have to do something. Riiiight?


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  2. tomads says:

    If Boco Haram (Beaucoup Harem?) murders or enslaves Sharpton and Jackson, how angry will you be?

    1. Peter Andrew says:

      Do I have to answer that?!

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