Shouldn’t GOP At Least Try to Challenge Obama?

With President Obama making 29 illegal changes to a law passed by congress, why does no one challenge him? The President himself referred to the Obamacare Nightmare as the “law of the land.” Yet he is ignoring it.

Why does no one take the President to court? Well a common answer is that congressional representatives don’t think they would have “legal standing” to do so. That’s what Conservative American U.S. Senator Mike Lee told Fox News.

Okay, they “may” not have legal standing. Shouldn’t they at least try and let the court decide?

The president’s actions are so much worse than what President Richard Nixon did and he was impeached. Why not impeach him? Ann Coulter said, “I think he would be impeached if he weren’t America’s first black President.” That point seems very clearly true. The permanent republicans in charge of the party and the RNC simply do not have the guts to challenge the lawlessness of this administration because the half-white president is called by the press the “first black” president. Obviously, Obama is just as much white as he is black, so this claim made only to give Obama a place in history is simply and purely inaccurate.


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