Shutdown Fed Workers Get Free Stuff! Including Pole Dancing Class!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – We pay for our stuff.

ABCDEmocrat News reports today that the big impact from the federal government shutdown is… wait for it… the government employees are “Nervous.”  That’s it?!  Who cares? A lot of us are nervous about losing our jobs since Barack Obama took office!  Hundreds of thousand are nervous about how to feed their families.  How can they without an income?

Here’s a screen shot from their website this morning.  What do you notice?

poor federal government employees
Feeling sorry for Government workers

Yep, you caught it.  “Free Stuff” for these poor underfed federal workers.  Wonder what kind of free stuff?  Probably the same things any other worker in the nation gets when they lose their job, riiiiiiiiight?

“Despair not. Dozens of businesses in and around Washington are showing their solidarity by offering furloughed employees free or discounted food, drinks and activities to keep their spirits high during the shutdown.

From free cupcakes to $2 beer specials and free museum admissions to free pole-dancing classes...”

Free POLE DANCING CLASSES?!  I thought they did that for YouTube while away at their extravagant little conventions.  Hmmm.  Learn something new every day.


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