Socialist Democrats Go Nuclear

democrats use nuclear option
Harry Reid Blows Up Two Centuries of Senate Rules

Socialist-union-democrat Senator Harry Reid used the so-called “Nuclear option” today, breaking 225 years of precedent and changing the rules in the Senate to make sure he and his socialist pals get whatever they want.

Then U.S. Senator Barack Obama said this was a horrible idea that would only worsen the ability to get anything done in the Senate. Today he praised the idea because now he can name all of his lefty pals, unchecked, to be judges.  Joe Biden, also when he was a Senator, spoke gravely about the damage such a move (by republicans of course) would have on the nation.

George Will today said it this is a sad day for the Republic.

With a simple majority vote (rather than needing 60 votes, now they need just 51) they can advance federal appointees to the Senate floor for a vote.   With those same 51 votes, they can then approve all of the appointments of the nation’s first socialist president.  No more paying any attention to the minority party at all.


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