Sony Wimps out to North Korea?!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

I guess you kinda have to feel sorry for actors Seth Rogen and James Franco. They are the poster children (literally) for the Sony comedy about North Korea called, “The Interview.” With the movie premier cancelled in New York, it looks like Rogen and Franco are chickens, wimping out to a not-so-scary threat from North Korea.


In reality, it’s the racist execs at Sony pictures that are wimping out to their pals in North Korea. These liberal hypocrites have already offended the Ferguson crowd with their racist emails about President Obama, the nation’s first half-black President. They dare not offend the liberal elite again by challenging the kind and benevolent leader of North Korea. After all, he was born under a double rainbow and golfs a perfect game every time he tries.

Afraid of what the North Korean hackers might release next (nude photos of Sony brass? Emails revealing marital affairs? More racism directed at politicians and actors?), Sony has even cancelled the December 25th opening of the movie. Freakin’ wimps.

It is Kim Jong Un who has made himself a laughingstock, not Sony. The movie looked like it would have been pretty funny. The liberals at Sony may have even figured out a way with this movie to take money from Conservatives to line their own pockets.

We used to be such a strong and proud country. What the hell happened?! Now we surrender to commies in Cuba, bow down to foreign dictators, and run away in fear from the midget looney leader of North Korea?! Thanks, Obama.

Meanwhile, Sony plans to come out with a new Gameboy game entitled: Nokomon! featuring the former North Korean leader…


Also featuring…


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