Strange Liberal Cries of, “Bush Did it Too!”

Barack Obama sold himself as the anti-Bush. He was hope and change and everything Bush wasn’t. His defenders continue their blind support, but their latest claims are…well, odd.


By Peter Andrew
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We’ve had to put up with nine years of hearing the liberal left tell us how bad George W. Bush was/is. But now the lefties want to compare Obama to Bush as some kind of acceptable standard? How can this contradiction be?


Now the cries come from the left, “Bush did it too! Bush did it too! Na-na nuh-na-na!” It’s annoying and it’s bizarre. So are we to believe its okay that Obama did x or y because, after all, Bush did it too? You lefties tell us how much you hate Bush! Now is Bush suddenly okay? I mean you’re defending your guy by saying Bush did it too, so doesn’t that mean you’re suddenly defending Bush? Having your cake and eating it too, aren’t you?

It’s unbelievable to me that now they want Obama to be compared to Bush! Is their new battle cry, “Want to be just like Bush?!” Democrats defending Obama now say he’s just like Bush! Bizarre.

So much for the Barackanator being the anti-Bush! Here’s a few recent examples…

The Associated Democrat Press jumps to President Obama’s defense in this story today…

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration claim that “the system worked” after a failed aircraft bombing wasn’t quite as jolting as President George W. Bush’s “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job” while New Orleans sank under deadly Hurricane Katrina. But both raised disturbing questions about presidential response in a time of crisis.

“Bush did it too! Na-na! And our Obama wasn’t quite as jolting as Bush!”

Here’s one from Think Progress-ives.. They are upset Obama is being criticized for waiting three days to comment on the underwear bomber.

“As ThinkProgress and others have noted, such attacks are supremely hypocritical considering that no Republicans complained when it took President Bush six days to comment on the similarly failed shoe bomber attack.”

“Yeah, see! Bush did it too! Na-na!”

Very odd.

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