Stupak is a Quitter

By Peter Andrew
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Congressman Stupak is a Quitter

Bart Pontius Pilate Stupak is a quitter. He’s afraid to face the voters of his own state this fall and he’s announcing his “retirement.”

Stupak is the first to lose his job for his support of the Socialist Takeover of Medicine, the ObamaCare Nightmare. Just as Pontius Pilate worried he’d be remembered forever for the death of Jesus Christ, Stupak knows that if ObamaCare is not repealed, he’ll be remembered forever for the death of free market capitalism in the United States. This Progressive-Socialist who pretended to be pro-life turned out to be an abortion flip-flopper who sold his soul to Obama.

Oh, and why is it okay for Stupak to be a quitter, but Sarah Palin was grilled alive for stepping down early?

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