Surgery to Remove the Federal Government Cancer

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When a person gets a cancerous growth, sometimes it can be treated and killed. Other times surgery is needed to cut it out of the body and eliminate it.

We have entire federal agencies and departments that started out gigantic and have grown to bloated galaxies of waste choking those who feed them. The “limited” federal government has become anything but limited. Instead it has unlimited growth and expense. The growth is built-in and does not have to even be voted on. When socialist-democrats claim an agency’s funding was “cut,” the truth is only the amount of its already scheduled increase was decreased a bit. That is by no stretch of the imagination a cut. Yet the media, ever loyal to pro-regressive psychoschematic disease, reports the items as “cuts.” To go from spending $10 last year to $11 this year is not a cut. Even if the original intent was to go to spending $12 this year and that $12 was reduced to $11, this still is not a cut.

The size of the federal government cannot be fixed. It is a cancer we cannot treat. Instead entire departments and agencies must simply be eliminated, removed surgically from the federal budget and from your pocketbook!

Federal government employees who make more money and get better benefits than their counterparts in the private sector have no problem taking their paycheck from folks who have to work until April or May just to pay them. The government is way too large. We can’t afford it.

When the Brits taxed us at 2% without representation, we had a revolutionary war. The Feds now tax you at an average of 20% and, as long as their is a democrat in power, no one cares. High gas prices? No problem now. 14-million more out of work than when Bush left office? Hey, C’mon the unemployment rate is “down!” Things are getting better. With a republican in power we’d get nightly stories of families struggling to feed their kids. Micheal Moore-on would make a movie about how Bush golfs while people suffer. Now, with a democrat in power, no one seems to mind that Mr. Obama golfs every weekend when soldiers are dying and people are suffering. He has weekly White House parties for the Queen, no problem.

The time is now to put an end to:

  • Unionized government employees. The socialist-democrat union corruption circle shows that having government workers in socialist-democrat unions can only lead to corruption and abuse of the citizens like you and your pocketbook.
    ConservativeAmerican.org's Democrat Union Corruption Cirle
    ConservativeAmerican.org’s Democrat Union Corruption Cirle
  • The Environmental Protection Agency. Yes, the entire thing.
  • The Federal Department of Education. Yep, all of it.
  • The United States Post Office. Private companies can fill the void and profit from it.
  • Amtrak.
  • NPR and Public Television.
  • Add your own favorites here:_____________________

I’m certain you can add your own. More of our plan to return to a prosperous and constitutioal nation can be found here.

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