Susan Rice Still Lying 15 Months After Benghazi

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

The self-described cussing and spitting” Susan Rice continues to lie about the attacks on Benghazi. 15 months have passed since four Americans were murdered in an attack on a diplomatic post in Libya. Obama’s NSA Director, Susan Rice, still can’t bring herself to be honest.

Susan Rice is just too busy. She just doesn’t have time to worry about some “False Controversy” that she wants you to think republicans just made up.

And heck, cut her some slack. She and Obama have been working so very, very, very hard to “review” (read: they haven’t actually done anything) security around the world.  Gosh, they must be like tired, ya know?  “That” she says, is what Americans should focus on. She says she is not sorry for the lies she told.

No sense in looking back at lies or trying to figure out the truth, c’mon CBS… you’re supposed to be on her side. Let’s all just get along now and talk about the future, can we? 

She actually said that Hillary Clinton didn’t do the talk show circuit after the attacks because she had just finished a really hard week and was probably tired.

SHE finished a hard week?!!!  All that lying to the faces of the families of those killed was “HARD?!!”

The families of the four men killed had a hard week, and have had a very hard 15 months. For Susan Rice to continue to spit on them with her lies is an outrage.

“You can call me Susan,” she laughs. Ha! This is so darn funny! Did ya hear the one about the false controversy! Ha Ha!

We can think of other things to call you rather than Susan. I dunno, lying bitch comes to mind right away.

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