Tantaros: Time for Samantha

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org
Tantaros Fantaros

Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros

Tired of all the male politicians involved in sex scandals? Conservative American Andrea Tantaros has another great piece online (read it here) today asking if we’d all be better off if the male Uncle Sam were replaced with a female ‘Aunt Samantha’ instead! From Tantaros:

Females arguably work twice as hard to achieve power than men do, even to this day. If we’re smart but also attractive they call us bimbos no matter where we went to college, how many degrees we have, or how many languages we speak. If we’re tough they call us *itches. Emotional equals weak. Passionate? Critics’ code for crazy. And no matter what we look like you can bet we’re getting scrutiny from both genders on our hair and wardrobe. Just look at Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Would anyone argue they’ve had it easy? By the time women have risen to a position of power, we’ve invested far too much to blow it on prostitutes and private jets. We’re more careful with what’s at stake. Our intuition and perspective is driven by leadership, not libido, respect, not raunch…when it comes to bedroom behavior, the guys consistently get it wrong…Uncle Sam out, Aunt Samantha in? I’m just asking.

A few points need to be made. Tantaros is smart “but also attractive” herself. She’s right that men like us notice her beauty and really don’t care where she went to college. However, we would never call her a bimbo! To the contrary, if I were running for office and Andrea Tantaros was working for my opponent, I would be scared to death! I also think Tantaros is tough. The only time I would call her anything that rhymes with “witch”, is when I would describe her as “rich” with talent, wit, and wisdom. In fact, I have done that at ConservativeAmerican.org in other posts. Under “categories” at right, select “Andrea Tantaros” under “Conservatives.”

I’m certain I am not alone in saying that red-blooded Conservative American men love it when a woman is conservative and smart. Beauty is an appreciated (okay, Andrea…and noticed) bonus. That’s why we named Andrea Tantaros runner-up in the Miss ConservativeAmerican.org USA 2009 competition! She was second only to Miss Carrie Prejean who retained her title and kept her crown with us.

(Catching breath, before continuing)…Okay, okay…Yes, Andrea, we’re animals at times. And based on that, how do you expect us to answer your question about if it’s time for “Aunt Samantha” without us getting a good look at her first?!! Photographs of your Aunt Samantha please, Andrea! In a bathing suit, would be nice. Have some pitty on us! Throw us a bone or something!

Wait…am I making your point for you?! Dang. Got distracted. Hate it when that happens.


All kidding aside, Andrea Tantaros is brilliant as always and you have to read her entire story!


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