Team Obama Botched It 16 Times with Osama Killing News

Published May 7, 2011

The dust is beginning to settle on the victory for the nation that Osama Bin Laden is dead. During the week, there was plenty of that “dust” up in the air as confusing details came out, then were corrected and clarified.


By Peter Andrew
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– FOXy Blondes News employee Dana Perino had a fair observation of the numerous botches: “I don’t think it takes away from their achievement. I think that criticism will be relatively short-lived. However, for those people who might be critics of the administration, or have a little bit of distrust for the stories that are coming out of the White House, this will feed that. And it doesn’t help build credibility.” — Fair enough. We do consider ourselves proud critics of the administration. With that in mind, here are 16 botches made this week…


  1. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 1 – Obama Lied During Announcement that Osama Bin Laden was Killed
  2. 5/1/11 President Obama told the nation late tonight that he made the capture or killing of Osama Bin Laden a “top priority” and instructed CIA Chief Leon Panetta to make this job number one. That’s great! If only it were true. Unfortunately this is another example of Obama’s revisionist history. Obama Flip Flopped on Capturing Osama Bin Laden January, 2009 – Politico: “During the presidential debates last year, Obama declared that capturing or killing Osama bin Laden “has to be our biggest national security priority.” In his first TV interview after winning the election, he said the terrorist leader was “not just a symbol. He’s also the operational leader of an organization that is planning attacks against U.S. targets,” and that the additional troops being sent to Afghanistan would hunt him down because “capturing or killing bin Laden is a critical aspect of stamping out Al Qaeda.” Bin Laden’s significance to Obama dissipated during the transition. By the time Obama gave another interview in early January, he said killing or capturing bin Laden was not necessary to “meet our goal of protecting America.”

  3. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 2 – Obama Flip Flops on Navy SEALS over Osama Bin Laden Death
  4. 5/3/11 Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe
    Fox News Pic: Matthew McCabe
    Remember Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe? He was one of the brave Navy SEAL heroes
    forced to stand trial by the Obama Administration for roughing up a terrorist thug murderer. This story was our number one on our Top 10 Obama Scandals from 2009 The terrorist got a bloody lip (poor fellow… NOT) from three Navy SEALS who, rather than being thanked, were forced to stand trial. The Commander in Chief could have put an end to the nonsense but chose not to do so. That’s when it was cool for him to be against everything George W. Bush was. For President Obama, sacrificing the careers of three fine Navy SEALS was well worth it to please the wacko leftists. And the gutsy and courageous Barack Hussein Obama put them on trial for giving the slime bag a bloody lip. Now compare that to Obama and the Navy SEALS who actually KILLED a murdering thug terrorist slimeball. So Commander Obama is pissed off when a murdering thug gets a bloody lip but he’s cool with it when those same highly trained Navy SEALS shoot another murdering thug in the head? Give me a freakin’ break!

  5. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 3 – Obama Administration Flip-Flops on Release of Photos – # 1
  6. 5/4/11 CIA Director Leon Panetta said yesterday that photographs of a dead Osama Bin laden would be released yesterday afternoon. It didn’t happen. The President said today he would not release the pictures for fear they could inspire violence against Americans. Hmmm, that’s interesting… See next item

  7. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 4 – Obama Administration Flip-Flops on Release of Photos – # 2
  8. 5/4/11 The Obama administration couldn’t wait to release thousands of photographs of alleged abuse of military prisoners that took place on Bush’s watch. They weren’t worried then about the photos inspiring any
    violence against Americans!! Now they say the release of just a few pics of Osama Bin Laden as a dead man, could inspire violence. Hypocrites! – Reuters has released pics of dead men at the compound anyway. They are very bloody and grossIf you want to see them, click here.

  9. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 5 – Obama Administration Assassination – Legal
  10. 5/4/11 Remember how Eric “Let ‘em Go” Holder and Barack Obama wanted to put some Bush administration lawyers on trial for okaying the use of waterboarding? That’s the same waterboarding, by the way, that resulted in information leading to the death of Osama Bin Laden. Anyway, wonder if Holder or Obama will suggest their own lawyers be put on trial for okaying an assassination in a foreign land?!

  11. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 6 – Obama Administration Flip-Flop on Osama’s Wife,
    Daughter, or Just Some Lady!
  12. 5/4/11 The unimpressive
    intelligence chief, John Brennan, first announced that Osama Bin laden had used one of his own wives as a human shield and that she was shot and killed.ABCDEmocrat news reports: “President Obama’s counterterror chief John Brennan also initially said that bin Laden used one of his wives as a human shield and the woman was killed in the gun battle. That has turned out to be incorrect and officials attributed the mistake to the confusion that usually accompanies a fast moving gun battle, or “the fog of war.” ConservativeAmerican.org comments: Shouldn’t the intelligence chief be someone we can count on to gives us real and accurate information? Rush Limbaugh said today that the woman in front of Bin Laden may have been one of his daughters.

  13. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 7 – Obama Administration Was Not Forthright Regarding “Capture or Kill” Mission
  14. 5/4/11 . ABCDEmocrat news reports: “We were prepared to capture him if that was possible,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said. But even though bin Laden was not carrying a weapon, Carney said he had “resisted” and several people in the compound were armed and firing at the American special operators. “Resistance does not require a firearm,” Carney said. When the SEALs entered the room in which bin Laden was hiding, his wife charged them and was shot in the leg, Carney said. Bin Laden was then shot in the chest and head…” — Yet Rush Limbaugh noted today that the genius John Brennan said this afternoon that the heroes in Navy SEAL Team 6 were told to kill Bin Laden unless he was naked. The fear was that Osama could have been wearing explosives in some kind of suicide vest. This would indicate the mission really was a “Kill” mission, not a “capture or kill” mission.ABCDEmocrat news reports: “According to former White House counterterror advisor and ABC News consultant Richard Clarke, it’s unlikely the SEALs ever planned to take bin Laden alive. “I think it was the assumption all along that this was an assassination operation,” Clarke said. “It’s unpleasant to say that and there may be some lawyers that object and say that you have to contend that he was resisting arrest. But I don’t think that at the operational
    level there was ever any desire to take him alive.”

  15. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 8 – Eric Holder Can’t Say “Waterboarding!”
  16. 5/4/11 The same lunatic Attorney General who won’t say “War on Terror,” or “Islamic Radicals,” also won’t say “Waterboarding!” Eric Holder runs the
    Department of Justice for Blacks-Only and is the guy who called Americans “Cowards” on racial matters. Talk about a coward! He won’t even name our enemies! The taxpayer-funded 
    National Progressive Radio (NPR) reports
    : “On Capitol Hill on Tuesday, he
    fielded questions about the role of torture in intelligence breakthroughs
    that located bin Laden.”There was a mosaic of sources that led to the
    identification of people who led to,” Holder began.” – Notice how the libs at NPR call waterboarding “torture” and present that opinion as if it is fact. Then Holder himself calls waterboarding part of a “Mosaic.” You know mosaics; those pretty little things made out of little colorful tiles?! But Yahoo
     notes: “Rep. Dan Lundgren [asked] whether enhanced interrogation
    methods helped lead U.S. intelligence operatives to bin Laden’s Pakistan
    hideout. “Were any pieces of that (intelligence) mosaic the result of enhanced
    interrogation techniques?” asked Lundgren. “I do not know,” answered Holder.”
    – ConservativeAmerican.org notes that’s a LIE! He does know. And he knows, as CIA Director Leon Panetta and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Peter King of New York, that waterboarding resulted in a broken Khalid Sheik Mohammed who coughed up info that helped lead to the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Not only will Holder not admit it, he won’t even use the word! Coward!

  17. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 9 – White House Spokesman Disagrees with CIA Director and Homeland Security Committee Chair on “Waterboarding!”
  18. 5/4/11 Jay Carney had this interaction with a reporter at the White house: “REPORTER: Were any results of such techniques used in helping to track down bin Laden? MR. CARNEY: Mark, the fact is that no single piece of information led to the successful mission that occurred on Sunday, and multiple detainees provided insights into the networks of people who might have been close to bin Laden. But reporting from detainees was just a slice of the information that has been gathered by incredibly diligent professionals over the years in the intelligence community. Andit simply strains credulity to suggest that a piece of information that may or may not have been gathered in eight years ago somehow directly led to a successful mission on Sunday. That’s just not the case.” – ConservativeAmerican.org notes two important things. First, Carney does not directly deny that helpful information, that one piece of the puzzle used to kill Bin Laden, did, in fact, come from waterboarding Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Second, he lies saying that a piece of information gathered years ago did NOT lead to a successful mission in killing Bin Laden, “That’s just not the case.” He might want to check that comment with the CIA Director who says that just IS the case! Or he may want to chat with the Chairman of the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Peter King, who also says this just IS the case!

  19. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 10 – CIA Director contradicts White House Claim on Bin
  20. 5/4/11 Leon Panetta confirms to NBC’s Brian Williams that the waterboarding of detainees at the prison in Guantanamo did, in fact,
    contribute to the killing of Osama Bin Laden. He tells Williams that “Clearly
    some of it [intelligence used to find and kill Osama] came from detainees. “ At
    about 3:50 in to the video below, Brian Williams asks if Panetta would deny that
    waterboarding was one methods that resulted in information that made the finding
    and killing of Osama possible? “No,” replies Panetta. And enhanced
    interrogation methods include waterboarding, right? “That’s correct,” he says.

  21. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 11 – “Firefight”
  22. 5/7/11 From FOXy Blondes News reporters James Rosen, Ann Marie Riha and Steve Carlson: “Asked if bin Laden was “involved in firing [a weapon] himself or defending himself,” one of the briefers replied: “He did resist the assault force. And he was killed in a firefight.” That answer marked a significant elaboration on the president’s baseline narrative: Now bin Laden had perished not after a firefight, but in one. In addition to altering the timeline of events, this assertion also strongly implied that bin Laden had been an armed participant in the firefight… One of the intelligence briefers, responding to a question about whether bin Laden died “peacefully” or “violently,” repeated his Pentagon colleague’s earlier line and answered somewhat impatiently: “He died during a firefight, Barbara.” [later in the article]…The Al Qaeda chief, he [John Brennan] said, “was engaged in a firefight with those that entered the area of the house,” and “was killed in that firefight.” The image of bin Laden going down in a hail of bullets, while firing off his own as-yet-unspecified weaponry, was now indelible.” — Turns out Bin Laden was not armed and was killed by two bullets.

  23. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 12 – “Resistance”
  24. 5/7/11 From FOXy Blondes News: “At 11:30 a.m. on Monday morning,…Here for the first time, the Obama administration advanced the notion that the “resistance” bin Laden had exhibited, against what the White House briefer had called “the assault force,” had come during this fabled firefight. One reporter asked: “Last night, you said that he had resisted, but you didn’t specify what the resistance was. What was the resistance that the American team met in that compound?” “The American team engaged in a firefight, and as indicated last night, Usama bin Laden did resist,” one of the senior Pentagon officers said. The implication was clear: that bin Laden had resisted during the firefight… This opened up a world of new questions [Jay] Carney did not want to have to face. “[I]f he didn’t have his hand on a gun, how was he resisting?” asked one member of the press corps. “I think resistance does not require a firearm,” Carney shot back. “But the information I gave you is what I can tell you about it. I’m sure more details will be provided as they come available… [Fox News:] bin Laden was [later]said to have exhibited the “resistance” officials had cited, later reported to have been a reach for one of two nearby weapons – an AK-47 assault rifle and a Russian-made 9 millimeter Makarov semi-automatic pistol – that led the Americans to shoot and kill him.””

  25. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 13 – “Women as Shields”
  26. 5/7/11 From FOXy Blondes News: “This same official then elaborated on the statement made during the White House briefing about a woman having been killed “when she was used as a shield by a male combatant.” After scoffing at bin Laden’s luxury lifestyle compared to his surroundings, the Defense briefer picked up on this thread: “He and some other male combatants on the target appeared to use – certainly did use women as shields.” Note here that the number of offenders has at least tripled, from solely bin Laden to “[bin Laden] and some other male combatants” – a formulation that suggests that at least three men demonstrated this particular brand of cowardice. Presumably, as well, bin Laden and his cohorts did not all hide behind the same woman; thus the briefer’s pluralized reference to “women.” …[Jay] Carney [later] said[:] “[T]here was a lot of information coming in. It is still unclear. The woman I believe you’re talking about might have been the one on the first floor who was caught in the crossfire [and killed]. Whether or not she was being used as a shield or trying to use herself as a shield or simply caught in crossfire is unclear. And we’re working on getting the details that we can… [later in the Fox story:] …and finally bin Laden [was] himself [killed], in the presence of his wife. She is said to rushed the assault team, at which point she was shot in the leg. ” No one was used as a shield.

  27. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 14 – “40-minute Firefight”
  28. 5/7/11 From FOXy Blondes News: “a DOD briefer provided the first estimate of how long the gunfire lasted. “[T]hrough most of the 40 minutes during which U.S. special operators were on the compound,” he said, “they were engaged in a firefight.” …Still, [Jay] Carney clung to the notion that the “volatile” firefight, which he said had comprised “a great deal of resistance,” had persisted “throughout the operation.” This left the impression that although bin Laden himself was unarmed, the shooting battle had taken place throughout the forty-minute duration of the raid… Still, as the raid is now commonly understood to have transpired, the “firefight” that was said to have lasted for “most” of the forty-minute operation (as the senior DOD briefer alleged), or “throughout” it (as the statement that DOD prepared for Jay Carney stated), which was said to have persisted even as the SEALs “were making their way up the staircase in that compound” (as Leon Panetta told PBS), and which was believed to have “killed” bin Laden (as John Brennan claimed), was later revealed to have been, in fact, a volley of gunfire that erupted at the very outset of the raid; ended quickly; and involved only one resident of the compound: Abu Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti, the courier to bin Laden who was the first to confront the Navy SEALs. The Americans shot and killed Al-Kuwaiti, and a woman with him, in a guesthouse they had to traverse before reaching the main house, on whose third floor bin Laden himself awaited. After the shoot-out with Al-Kuwaiti, the U.S. forces were never fired upon again.”

  29. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 15 – “Was Bin Laden ‘Captured’ Or Not?!”
  30. 5/7/11 From FOXy Blondes News: “The president introduced the subject of the week’s great accomplishment in the war on terror by mentioning the “sense of unity” that had prevailed in the country after Americans learned about the “operation that resulted in the capture and death of Usama bin Laden.” Applause at that moment obscured the detail the president had let slip: that bin Laden had been subjected not only to death but also to “capture.” One of bin Laden’s daughters, only twelve years old, breathed further life into this notion when she told Al-Arabiya that U.S. forces had indeed captured her father, and shot him dead within the first few minutes of the raid. CIA officials soon waved reporters off the claim, dismissing Obama’s remark to the lawmakers as a simple misstatement…”

  31. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 16 – “Real Time Visibility”
  32. 5/7/11 From FOXy Blondes News: “Did you actually see Usama bin Laden get shot?” [Jim] Lehrer followed up. “No,” Panetta answered. “No, not at all. We – you know, we had some observation of the approach there, but we did not have direct flow of information as to the actual conduct of the operation itself as they were going through the compound.” Here was the first time any senior Obama aide admitted to being in the dark for some parts of the raid – to enjoying access to something less than what Brennan had described, with deliberate broadness, as “real-time visibility into the progress of the operation.”


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