Team Obama Still Attacking Palin

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

The 2012 Obama campaign continues its promised 4-year attacks against the family of Sarah Palin. This time they want all of Todd Palin’s emails.  The Obama camp found a former democrat state employee to use as a front for a lawsuit filed seeking access to Todd’s emails.

Do you ever talk with your spouse? Do you ever ask your spouse what they think about something?  If not, you might try marriage counseling.  This was all considered fine with co-presidents Billy Bob and Hillary.  It’s apparently not okay for Sarah Palin to talk with her husband though.  She considers his input valuable and listens to his advice.  That makes him a sort of “advisor.”  So, executive priviledge and a big no to former employee Andree McLeod.  Wonder what kind of Rod Blagojevich deal she struck with the Office of the President Elect to agree to take this action against Palin?

Click here to read the Anchorage Daily Snoozepapers report on this story.

I guess we can expect four years of nonsense against this woman and her family.  Hatred runs blood deep on the far left. The Huff-n-Puff-n-Stuff blog continues its work for Obama 2012 as well.  Some man named Geoffrey Dunn is pulling a Billy Bob Clinton on Palin discussing her use of the present tense.  Depends on your definition of the word “began.”  This is a cowardly bull-feces attack on Sarah Palin.  If Dunn really is a writer, he knows all about the use of the present tense and active voice in effective communications.  What a bunch of crap he spews today.

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