Team Sarah Blasted Again

‘The only Official Sarah Palin Fan Club!’

Editors note: Until late 2011, ConservativeAmerican.org hosted the only Official Sarah Palin Fan Club.  However, sometime later, Sarah Palin took legal action to protect the use of her name.  We no longer refer to our Palin section as the Only Official Sarah Palin Fan Club (even though we were that for three years!)

ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right By Peter Andrew

Turns out we’re not the only ones blasting the so-called “Team Sarah” website team.  These people have such a narrow “bandwidth” of tolerance, it is amazing.  We have written about their foolish methods for kicking people off here and here.  These moderators are doing nothing to help Sarah Palin.  In fact, they are hurting her by alienating supporters.  It is nuts for a site that claims to be all about Sarah (it isn’t, it is all about itself and its own narrow agenda) to kick out others who love Sarah Palin.  Still they do it every day. You have got to read this article at the “Choose the Hero” website.  The site and its readers make some excellent points. If you’re a Sarah Palin fan, we welcome you and your comments here.  You can make observations, pro or con, on any topic and you will remain welcome.  We only ask that you keep the comments “clean.”  Simply click add or view comments to post your thoughts.  We were the only Official Sarah Palin Fan Club before Sarah’s Team and we’ll continue to defend her and discuss her positions on issues as long as she continues to be a Conservative American.

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