The A** Obama Should Kick

By Peter Andrew
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In a transparent attempt to appear mad and fain concern over the gulf oil spill, President Barack Obama used his potty mouth to say he was meeting with people to find out whose a** he should kick.

Why is he so concerned about kicking someone’s a** over the oil spill? FIRST, he should be concerned with STOPPING the spill, rather than finding someone to take the fall for him. SECOND,

why is it kick some a** with oil spills but ‘don’t jump to conclusions’ with Islamists conducting “man-caused disasters?!!”

So with corporations, he wants to get tough. He thinks they are the true enemy. However, with terrorists he wants to take the Harry Potter “He who must not be named” (Terrorists) approach. They won’t even say the word! And, when attack does happen on his watch, he doesn’t want us to jump to conclusions about the Islamist Radicals carrying out the attacks?!

If he really wants to kick some a** in attempt to convince Americans he is tough, or that he actually has feelings for something or someone other than himself, how about kicking some terrorist a** in Gitmo? None of this bring them to the U.S., give them the rights of a citizen (which they are NOT entitled to!), and try them in court. Nonsense!

If he really wants to kick some a**, why not kick Ken Salazar’s a** to the unemployment lines? He could join Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel! Why not kick their Progressive Liberal a**es to into the Chicago streets?

Still need more a** kicking? Okay, Mr. Tough Guy Obama, why not kick your pervert friend Kevin Jennings‘ a** to the curb? Instead you have the audacity to name such a man to a “Safe Schools Czar” position!

Why not kick Cass Sunstein’s a**? Afraid the cows he wants to give legal rights to might take you to court?

Why not kick John Holdren’s global warming a** off your team? He’s part of the whole international hoax!

You could kick your Nobel Prize winning Steven Chu’s a** to the curb. You’re so proud of him and he’s sooooooooo smart… he wants all of us to drive on white roads and have white rooftops to save the planet from the evil humans.

Do us all a favor, Mr. President. Kick your own a** out of office. Go home to your crooked, terrorist pals in Chicago and leave us all alone!

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