The First Black Presidential Nominee?

Monday, August 25th, 2008

By Peter Andrew

Boy the mainstream media love this Barack Obama guy.  They decided to anoint him at the John Kerry DNC Convention.  Since then his name has been tossed around as possibly the first black presidential nominee.  Now that he is the presumed nominee (does Hillary have anything up her sleeves this week?), there will be a huge deal made this week of his blackness.

Let me ask a simple question.  He’s just as much white as he is black.  Who decided he was the first black presidential nominee?  Don’t you have to be black to claim that title?  Wouldn’t people in the black community want someone all the way black to be the first “black” presidential nominee?  I guess half way is better than nothing at all?  If he is half black and half white, why is he always referred to as a black candidate?  Is the half that is black bigger than the half that is white? Did he get to decide in Kindergarten when he chose to grow up and be president that he was all of the sudden more black than white?

Why isn’t he referred to as partially black? How about half-black? Or “part minority?” I’d like to call him a half-black half-a**ed candidate, but that’s not nice, I suppose.  I don’t know, come up with something accurate to call him!  I just don’t understand how he gets to claim he is black when he is only half black.  Why does the media just accept that and never mention that he is half-white?

He will be crowned the heir-apparent to Martin Luther King (an actual black man) this week when he gives his acceptance speech.  No one will mention his white half.  Why not? Why shouldn’t he be proud of all of his heritage? Why are he and his wife only proud of their black heritage?  Oh, I forgot, Michelle has only just become proud to be an American.  Is she proud of her two partially white kids? So I guess we have to forget her and her two 25% white kids.  Might as well forget Barack’s half-brother (all-black) too.  He did.

Why is racism is only a label given to republicans and Conservative Americans, never to Democrats-Socialists?  They get to decide what is racism and what is not.  They get to decide who can use the awful N-word and who cannot (no one should, not even the gangsta rappers).  They apparently now even get to decide who is black and who is not, who is black enough and who is not.  They even called Billy Bob Clinton the first black president.  I’m not sure he has any black heritage.  Hmmmm.

I don’t get it.

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