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“She has fooled, and made fools of, many, many people over the years. Those who think she would be a good president are worse than fools.” – Patricia McCarthy, the American Thinker.

Here is the truth about Hillary Clinton. We correct the record. This is the Hillary Archive. The only Official Hillary Clinton List. This list contains the Hillary Clinton lies, flip-flops, scandals, hypocrisy, gaffes and more that “Ready for Hillary” & “Correct [and by that, they mean ‘Lie About’] the Record” doesn’t want you to remember.



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  1. Hillary Clinton is a ‘Phony Populist,’ Says the Liberal Left!
  2. 6/22/14 – Our liberal friends at Salon.com are calling Hillary Clinton a “phony populist” today. Salon says, “The gilded age [that Hillary] Clinton now laments had its roots in the dark side of Bill’s economic record. So why trust her now?” Author Thomas Frank sees the hypocrisy, “A few weeks ago I was surprised to read that Hillary Clinton acknowledged the current economy to be “a throwback to the Gilded Age of the robber barons.” It wasn’t the comparison itself that astonished me. That we are living in a “new Gilded Age” is a commonplace that is rapidly becoming a cliché. The former senator and secretary of state’s words affected me because they reminded me of the… mid-1990s, when my colleagues and I at The Baffler magazine used the phrase to describe the era presided over by Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill.” Frank uses a few examples to make his point. “The point that really nailed the Gilded Age comparison, however, was the obvious return of monopoly in industry after industry. The concentration of media ownership, a development facilitated by Clinton’s 1996 telecom deregulation, was particularly scary… The same kind of monopoly-building was happening in the ’90s in food processing and meat packing. It was happening in oil. It was happening among defense contractors, with the Clinton Administration’s active encouragement. And, as we all know, it was happening in the financial sector, a process that culminated in the much-celebrated repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. Then there were Bill Clinton’s beloved free-trade deals; one effect of these, according to Barry Lynn of the New America Foundation, has been to expose our economy to monopolies based overseas, which have proceeded to gobble up sectors like the beer industry, 80 percent of which is controlled today by just two foreign companies.” — We agree with Frank in this sense; it is odd for Hillary Clinton to pretend today to be against this gilded economy when as ‘co-president’ with Bill, the two of them ushered in a so-called gilded age.

  3. Hillary Clinton Disagees with Herself over handling of 1975 Rape Case!
  4. hillary-daily-caller-300x1286/20/14 – ABCDEmocrat News had to correct itself over the weekend, originally reporting what Hillary RahmRod Clinton wrote in her book about the 1975 case where she represented a child rapist (and laughed about getting him off even though she thought he was guity!). Later ABC had to adjust its story to address the conflict between what Hillary wrote and what she said on an audio tape. “…An earlier version of this story described Clinton as Taylor’s court-appointed attorney. The story has been changed to reflect the difference between what Clinton wrote in her memoir, “Living History,” and what she is heard saying on the newly-released audio records… In “Living History,” Clinton wrote that the criminal court judge appointed her, and that she “couldn’t very well refuse the judge’s request.” The 2008 Newsday story quotes then-Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson who refers to her as being “appointed by the Circuit Court of Washington County.” However, in the newly-released audio tapes Clinton says a prosecutor for the case asked to take the case “as a favor to him.” — Oh, but we shouldn’t be too harsh on Hillary, who recently admitted she plans to try something new like telling the truth. After all, it’s hard to keep decades of lies straight.

  5. Hillary Clinton Says Those Who Support Gun Rights are Terrorists!
  6. 6/17/14 – As DownTrend.com puts it, “Clinton went on to explain her reason for supporting gun control an expanded conversation about how to reduce gun violence. Then, she took on people who have the audacity to believe that the Second Amendment is still relevant. “We cannot let a minority of people ? and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people ? hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people,” Clinton said.”

  7. Hillary Clinton Defended A Man She Believed was Guilty of Raping a 12-year-old Girl! New Tapes
  8. 6/16/14 – Alana Goodman at the Washington Free Beacon breaks this story after discovering “The Hillary Tapes” Clinton made between 1983 and 1987. Goodman reports, “Newly discovered audio recordings of Hillary Clinton from the early 1980s include the former first lady’s frank and detailed assessment of the most significant criminal case of her legal career: defending a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. In 1975, the same year she married Bill, Hillary Clinton agreed to serve as the court-appointed attorney for Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old accused of raping the child after luring her into a car.” Goodman says the recordings include Clinton’s suggestion that she knew Taylor was guilty at the time. “She says she used a legal technicality to plead her client, who faced 30 years to life in prison, down to a lesser charge. The recording and transcript, along with court documents pertaining to the case, are embedded below. The full story of the Taylor defense calls into question Clinton’s narrative of her early years as a devoted women and children’s advocate in Arkansas—a narrative the 2016 presidential frontrunner continues to promote on her current book tour. Her comments on the rape trial are part of more than five hours of unpublished interviews conducted by Arkansas reporter Roy Reed with then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and his wife in the mid-1980s. The interviews, archived at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, were intended for an Esquire magazine profile that was never published…” Hillary Clinton laughed when discussing the fact some evidence against her client was destroyed! Oh yeah, Hillary. Ha, ha. That’s real funny that you helped get a man off who attacked a defenseless little girl! How dare you laugh at that?! “I had him take a polygraph, which he passed – which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs,” she [Hillary] added with a laugh. Child Rapist Lawyer Hillary Clinton can also be heard laughing at several points when discussing the crime lab’s accidental destruction of DNA evidence that tied Taylor to the crime… When Clinton returned to Arkansas, she said she gave the prosecutor a clipping of the New York forensic investigator’s “Who’s Who.” “I handed it to Gibson, and I said, ‘Well this guy’s ready to come up from New York to prevent this miscarriage of justice,’” said Clinton, breaking into laughter.

    More from Goodman, “A lengthy yet largely overlooked 2008 Newsday story focused on Clinton’s legal strategy of attacking the credibility of the 12-year-old victim. The girl had joined Taylor and two male acquaintances, including one 15-year-old boy she had a crush on, on a late-night trip to the bowling alley, according to Newsday. Taylor drove the group around in his truck, pouring the girl whisky and coke on the way. The group later drove to a “weedy ravine” near the highway where Taylor raped the 12-year-old. Around 4 a.m., the girl and her mother went to the hospital, where she was given medical tests and reported that she had been assaulted. Taylor was arrested on May 13, 1975…” — UPDATE 6/22/14: While Jonathan Adler at the Washington Postal tries to defend Hillary writing, “This is not something for which she should be attacked. We are all the worse off if the message sent to young lawyers is that representing guilty or unpopular clients is likely to be a political liability down the road,” he does not address the fact she laughed about getting the guy off or that she apparently violated attorney-client privilege by doing the interview about the case. Are those things for whe she should not be attacked, Mr. Adler?!

  9. Hillary Clinton Writings Attack a Little Girl who was Raped!”
  10. From the Washington Free Beacon on 6/16/14: “In a July 28, 1975, court affidavit, Clinton wrote that she had been informed the young girl was “emotionally unstable” and had a “tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing.” “I have also been told by an expert in child psychology that children in early adolescence tend to exaggerate or romanticize sexual experiences and that adolescents in disorganized families, such as the complainant’s, are even more prone to exaggerate behavior,” Clinton said. Clinton said the child had “in the past made false accusations about persons, claiming they had attacked her body” and that the girl “exhibits an unusual stubbornness and temper when she does not get her way.” — Hmmm. Sounds like Hillary herself. More from the story: “Now 52, the victim resides in the same town where she was born. Divorced and living alone, she blames her troubled life on the attack. She was in prison for check forgery to pay for her prior addiction to methamphetamines when Newsday interviewed her in 2008. The story says she harbored no ill will toward Clinton. According to her, that is not the case. “Is this about that rape of me?” she asked when a Free Beacon reporter knocked on her door and requested an interview. Declining an interview, she nevertheless expressed deep and abiding hostility toward the Newsday reporter who spoke to her in 2008—and toward her assailant’s defender, Hillary Rodham Clinton.” – Well there’s another woman Hillary won’t be choosing to stand up for. UPDATE 6/20/14: From the Daily Beast: “Hillary Clinton took me through Hell,” the victim said. The Daily Beast agreed to withhold her name out of concern for her privacy as a victim of sexual assault. The victim said if she saw Clinton today, she would call her out for what she sees as the hypocrisy of Clinton’s current campaign to fight for women’s rights compared to her actions regarding this rape case so long ago. “I would say [to Clinton], ‘You took a case of mine in ’75, you lied on me… I realize the truth now, the heart of what you’ve done to me. And you are supposed to be for women? You call that [being] for women, what you done to me? And I hear you on tape laughing.” – UPDATE 9/1/14: Here’s a funny one. The Hillary front group calling itself “Correct the Record” (of all things!) is out trying to say how great Hillary has been for women! Nothing could be further from the truth. Can you say Gennifer Flowers? The only women Hillary cares about are those she can use to gain more power and money or those she can date. Hillary Clinton is no hero for women with her stand-by-your-man-no-matter-how-much-he-abuses-you position. What a crock!

  11. Hillary Clinton Violated Attorney-Client Privilege in the 1980’s!
  12. 6/16/14 – Alana Goodman at the Washington Free Beacon breaks this story after discovering “The Hillary Tapes” Clinton made between 1983 and 1987. Goodman reports, “Ronald D. Rotunda, a professor of legal ethics at Chapman University, told the Washington Free Beacon. “We don’t have to believe the client is innocent…our job is to represent the client in the best way we can within the bounds of the law.” However, Rotunda said, for a lawyer to disclose the results of a client’s polygraph and guilt is a potential violation of attorney-client privilege. “You can’t do that,” he said. “Unless the client says: ‘You’re free to tell people that you really think I’m a scumbag, and the only reason I got a lighter sentence is because you’re a really clever lawyer.’” — Apparently a bad lawyer in this case.

  13. Hillary Clinton Was Suspended from the Arkansas Bar in 2002!
  14. Alana Goodman
    Alana Goodman
    6/16/14 – Alana Goodman at the Washington Free Beacon breaks this story after discovering “The Hillary Tapes” Clinton made between 1983 and 1987. Goodman reports, “Clinton was suspended from the Arkansas bar in March of 2002 for failing to keep up with continuing legal education requirements, according to Arkansas judicial records.”

  15. Adoring Media Refers to Hillary’s BS on oil3bKeystone as being “Coy!”
  16. 6/16/14 – OMG! Hillary RahmRod Clinton says she couldn’t possibly answer a question about the Keystone Pipeline she and Obama refused to aprove. Her reason? If you want to know, please plug in your Bullsh** detector before reading on. This is one of the biggest lines of crap she has ever spewed! “…because I had responsibility for it [Keystone] and it’s been passed on and it wouldn’t be appropriate, but I hope that Canadians appreciate that the United States government – the Obama administration – is trying to get it right,” she continued. “And getting it right doesn’t mean you will agree or disagree with the decision, but that it will be one based on the best available evidence and all of the complex local, state, federal, interlocking laws and concerns.” — It gets better. The best part about this Politico story is the headline: “Hillary Clinton keeps coy on Keystone!” COY?! Let me decode that for you. For a republican it is called being evasive and having something to hide, but to Politico it is cute and kind of sexy coming from Madame Hillary!! Don’t believe me? Here’s what “COY” means; “(especially with reference to a woman) making a pretense of shyness or modesty that is intended to be alluring. “she treated him to a coy smile of invitation” synonyms: arch, simpering, coquettish, flirtatious, kittenish; More demure, shy, modest, bashful, reticent, diffident, self-effacing, shrinking, timid “her coy demeanor is just an act” antonyms: brazen – reluctant to give details, especially about something regarded as sensitive. “he is coy about his age” – dated, quiet and reserved; shy.” — Yes, we know their intent was likely that she was reluctant to give details, but the use of the word “Coy” implies that it was kind of clever, attracive, alluring. Hardly the treatment they will give the GOP candidate in 2016. This isn’t coy at all, it’s solid bullsh**! She and Obama simply are catering to environmental wackos who would rather drive solar cars than employ their neighbors. Hillary Clinton most certainly could comment on this if she wanted to. She’s made plenty of “inappropriate” comments before!

  17. Hillary Admits Her Words are Chosen for Political Advantage! – Lies to Cover Up Her Book Tour Blunders!
  18. hillary complaining6/13/14 – Try to explain away her abrasive and paranoid responses to fair questions from the media, Hillary Clinton again chose to lie rather than be honest. And the funny part is that she lied about choosing to lie rather than being honest. Everything she says is a calculated political answer and has nothing to do with the truth. Yet she had the hubris to claim, “I am totally done with, you know, being really careful about what to say because somebody might think this instead of that,” she told [her own longtime adviser Lissa] Muscatine. She is as far from being totally done with being careful about what she says as it is possible to be! She is incapable of being honest and telling the truth because she knows people don’t like her when she shows her true, cruel and lying self to the public. From the Politico, “It just gets too exhausting and frustrating…” She should know! She’s been doing this for years and she just admitted it! There is not other explanation for her speaking-from-experience comment that ‘being really careful about what to say’ for political reasons is tiring and frustrating. Oops!! Another blunder! And this one from… an accidental bit of honesty?! She continued, “…and it just seemed a whole lot easier to just put it out there and [I] hope people get used to it — whether you agree with it or not you know exactly where I come from, what I think, what I feel.” — And so she is admitting a change here, “It just seemed a whole lot easier” to do something different now, like to “just put it out there” (meaning to tell the truth… which in HillaryLand still is a LIE!). Reporters should follow up and ask her to highlight some of the previous times, before her new pretend strategy to be honest, she simply lied or made up the answers based on political strategy. It’s a fair questions, even if it does piss her off. UPDATE 6/16/14: The delightful Jennifer Rubin agrees, pointing out at the Washington Postal, “There is nothing so excruciating as watching Hillary Clinton pretend to be candid — unless it is watching her pretend to be candid as part of some heavy-handed damage control… Oh puhleez.”

  19. Hillary: What Difference, at this point, Does it Make that Thousands of Soldiers Died to give Iraq Freedom?!
  20. 6/13/14 – From CNN (The Clinton News Network): “Clinton characterized the Maliki government [in Iraq] as “dysfunctional, unrepresentative, authoritarian” in front of an audience of 1,500 in Washington. For that reason, she added – to sustained applause – that “there’s no reason on earth that I know of that we would ever sacrifice a single American life for that. We certainly don’t want to fight,” Clinton added.” – Perhaps she forgot we already sacrificed thousands of lives in the Iraq war?

  21. Hillary’s Tense Exchange with NPR’s Terry Gross
  22. 6/12/14 – National Progressive Radio’s Terry Gross asked Madame Hillary if she simply changed her position on gay unions to be politically expedient. The Politico reports Hillary’s response didn’t go over too well. “…a number of Democrats outside of Clinton’s orbit saw a losing strategy. “Hillary simply needs to learn to speak to the voters through the interviewer rather than taking the bait,” said one veteran Democratic strategist, who asked not to be identified. “When you get combative, you are simply inviting the rest of the media to take the same approach.” …Another Democrat said the Gross interview, combined with the “dead broke” comment, reminded liberal Democrats who’ve viewed her warily of what troubles them about her. “Given a friendly audience and a huge shift in opinion [on gay marriage that] she could celebrate and embrace, she took it out of the realm of progress and into political paranoia?,” said the Democrat, referring to the large audience of progressives who listen to Gross’ show.” — And from the Washington Postal comes one of Hillary’s more awkward moments. After reminding the audience, which laughed in response, that she is an “American,” Hillary said, “No, I don’t think you are trying to clarify. I think you are trying to say that I used to be opposed and now I am in favor and I did it for political reasons. And that’s just flat wrong. So let me just state what I feel like I think you are implying and repudiate it. I have a strong record. I have a great commitment to this issue and I am proud of what I’ve done and the progress were making.” — The Postal called Hillary comments ‘Strange,’ and ‘Awkward.’

  23. Hillary Says 5 Taliban Generals Released from Gitmo are Not a Threat to the USA!
  24. 6/11/14 – Continuing the Team Obama story that there is no War on Terror anymore, Hillary Clinton today claimed that freeing five “moderate Taliban” genrals from the prison at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for the return of a traitor will not harm the USA!

    What difference, at this point, does it make if Bowe Berdahl was a hero or a traitor? What difference, at this point, does it make that six Americans died trying to ‘recover’ Bergdahl after he voluntarily left the military saying he was ashamed to be an American?! Hillary wants you to believe that terrorists overseas in Afghanistan are not a threat to our great nation. That is an amazingly stupid conclusion given that terrorists overseas in Afghanistan like Osama Bin Laden and the 5 men Obama-Hillary released were those responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York. How soon she wants us all to forget.

  25. Hillary Picks and Chooses Which Women to Defend, Including Sarah Palin!
  26. 6/11/14 – While Hillary Clinton herself has been careful to avoid direct criticism of Sarah Palin, she also has been careful to avoid any kind of positie comment about her as well. A confused Hillary Clinton perhaps forgot that her former team member called Palin an “Extraordinary Ass…”
    The liberal Huffington Post remembers the Team Hillary comment: “Sarah Palin was at the butt end of an insult from former Clinton aide Jami Floyd on Friday, when Floyd called the former Alaska Governor and potential presidential fascination an “extraordinary ass.” “Never underestimate your opponent and the governor says she’s an extraordinary asset to her party,” Floyd said on MSNBC. “I say she’s an extraordinary ass, frankly.” Floyd reportedly worked for First Lady Hillary as a ‘White House Fellow’ and was even an ABCDEmocrat News reporter. Also, Hillary herself inclued criticism in her weak statement on Palin saying, “While their [McCain-Palin] policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.” An important “but wrong” voice?! Sounds like criticism to me. And Hillary also refused to appear with Sarah Palin on an issue they supposedly agreed on. “Clinton pulled out of her scheduled appearance at the rally protesting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when she found out Palin would also be there.”

  27. Hillary’s Benghazi Lies – # 42: Death of Four Americans is “Minor League” Issue!
  28. 6/11/14 – IN a Bizarre statement, Madame Secretary Clinton has compared the Benghazi, Liby deaths of “Four Dead Americans” to playing minor league baseball. The aging and confused Hillary said the Benghazi Scandal is, “…more of a reason to run [for President in 2016], because I do not believe our great country should be playing minor league ball. We ought to be in the majors,’’ Clinton said emphatically. ‘‘I view this as really apart from — even a diversion from — the hard work that the Congress should be doing about the problems facing our country and the world.’’ – Yeah. I mean, what difference, at this point, does it make to the families of thoese minor league players who were killed?!! How dare she compare the lives of these people to minor league baseball? How dare she say the loss of these lives (So 2 years ago, don’t ya know) is a “minor” issue! OMG! Please don’t let this woman anywhere near the White House in 2016.

  29. Hillary’s Benghazi Lies – # 41: Hillary Says “I Take Responsibility, But…”
  30. 6/10/14 – From Investors.com, “In her interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Clinton was unpresidentially making excuses, not choices. Of the Benghazi attack that killed our ambassador to Libya and three other U.S. personnel, she said she “certainly would give anything on Earth if this had not happened. And I certainly would wish that we had made some of the changes that came to our attention to make as a result of the investigation.” But “we had a system and that system, of course, ended with me.” Clinton said she took “responsibility, but I was not making security decisions.” I take responsibility, but …” — Uhm, Mrs. Hillary? You can’t take responsibility if you follow the statement with “But it wasn’t me.” What an awful person this woman is.

  31. Hillary Claimes she Helped Restore U.S. Leadership in the World!
  32. 6/10/14 – Hillary Clinton is well into her revisionist history with this claim! She didn’t help restore U.S. Leadership in the world, she tuined it! She claimed the Bush White House had left Team Obama-Hillary with a mess she had to clean up and she cleaned it up! Breitbart quotes her foolish statement, “I think we restored America’s leadership at a time when it was in quite dire straights.” Under her leadership, the USA is now nothing but a joke to Russia, while other nations know Uncle Sam makes big scary threats, but does not follow through. This is hardly restoring any sense of ‘leadership.’

  33. Hillary’s Benghazi Lies – # 40: Claims she DID do “something” about Benghazi–She trusted Others to Do Something!
  34. 6/9/14 – ABCDEmocrat News Anchorette Diane Sawyer gets Hillary upset again, asking about Benghazi. You know, that was sooo two years ago, Dude…

    So her claim is that she did do something. The something she did was to trust people beneath her to do something. “That is personal, Diane!” Of course she was completely hands off. Probably she didn’t know anything about this until she read it in the paper just like you?! UPDATE 8/3/14: As Sen Rand Paul says, “…if you don’t read the cables from one of the most dangerous spots on earth, frankly, you preclude yourself from ever being our commander in chief.” See her other 39 Benghazi lies below…

  35. Hillary Lies About Her Personal Finances – Admits she is Bad Handling Money!
  36. 6/9/14 – In the same interview Hillary did with Diane Sawyer about the new Mrs. Clinton book (Failing to Make) Hard Choices, she actually had the audacity to lie to America claiming she was poor after leaving the White House and despite their 12-million in income in 2001, they had a hard time paying for Chelsea’s college and finding money to buy “Houses” (notice the plural inmortgageS and houseS… she says it twice — “And ya know, it was NOT easy”). Hillary had signed a book deal before her husband left office which gave her $3-million bucks in 2001, while her husband made more than $9-million in speaking fees that year. Must be tough figuring out how to pay for college on a small budget like that! I guess she is admitting she can’t handle money well, even in her personal life! She claimes she was “dead broke” and “debt.” They may have had debts, but they coudl very easily manage them if they had any sense at all about dealing with money. Heck, she could just invest in cattle futures again! To claim she “feels your pain” about paying for college when she is a 1%-er is beyond appauling! She also claimed they “had no money” when they got to the White House, another fabrication. When cornered, this woman automatically lies. She is a disgrace just like President Obama! UPDATE 6/10/14: The Washington Times says Hillary is already back-tracking on her ridiculous claim! UPDATE 6/10/14: Charles Krauthammer says this proves Hillary Clinton’s “Intrinsic Insincerity!” No kidding!
    UPDATE 6/11/14: From Mad magazine…

    from Twitter
    from Twitter
    — Maybe she could ask her daugher for a loan. As a political kick-back NBC paid Chelsea $600,000 for a prt-time reporting job. And from our friends at IamaDangerousMan comes this fun little video designed to help Hillary…

    UPDATE 7/29/14: From the Washington Examiner, Hillary snow admits she is worth millions of dollars, “Clinton responded, “Yes, yes indeed!” – UPDATE 10/22/14: Politics Cheat Sheet would like to know, “Would you consider yourself an average American (vis-à-vis your dead broke comment)?”

  37. Hillary Invents Straw Man with Diane Sawyer!
  38. 6/9/14 – Hillary Clinton uses a straw man argument with Diane Sawyer trying to explain away the $5-million she has made in recent weeks giving speeches. “Well, let me put it this way,” Hillary said. “I thouhgt making speeches for money was a much better thing than getting connected with any one group or company.” She says that as if any other First Lady or President has ever done that. They have not. This is a false argument. She continued, explaining “as so many people who leave public life do.” Not people who were First Lady or in the White House, Madame Secretary! And duitiful Democrat Diane Sawyer comes to her defense pointing out that Hillary “of course” makes a lot of speeches for free. Well woopty-do. You could do that too, if you made $5-million in a few weeks telling lies to adoring fans!

  39. Is Bowe Bergdahl Scandal Hillary Clinton’s Fault?!
  40. 6/6/14 – It was Hillary RahmRod Clinton who gave the okay to negotiate with terrorists for the release of US traitor Bowe Bergdahl who left his military unit voluntarily because he was ashamed to be an American. From the Wall Street Journal, “A spokesman for Mrs. Clinton said Wednesday that she had “authorized negotiations with the Taliban that included a transfer for Sgt. Bergdahl.” So it turns out it was Her Hillaryness that broke our position that we never negotiate with terrorists. Guess that was one of the “Hard Choices” she screwed up while serving as Secretary of State! Afterall, in the Obama-Clinton administration there were no terrorists, remember? They had solved all that ‘War on Terror’ stuff and left us only with so-called ‘overseas contingency operations!’ WSJ: “The statement put out by Mrs. Clinton’s office suggested… she “set a high bar and insisted on strict conditions for any deal …” …Left unsaid was where, exactly, she set the “bar” and what, precisely, she meant by “strict conditions.”

  41. Now Putin is Laughing at Madame Hillary!
  42. 6/6/14 – Russia’s Vladimir Putin has been laughing at the weak leadership and fake threats he gets from Barack Obama. Democrat-run NBC News points out he’s also laughing at Hillary Clinton’s poor leadership: “Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday said Hillary Clinton’s recent comments comparing his actions to those of Adolf Hitler are a sign of weakness, saying she “has never been too graceful” in her public statements. “It’s better not to argue with women. But Ms. Clinton has never been too graceful in her statements,” Putin said, according to an English transcript of an interview posted on the Kremlin’s website…”

  43. Is Bret “Dude” Baier the only Man Hillary will Sit Down With?!
  44. 6/6/14 –

    Brett "Dude" Baier
    Brett “Dude” Baier
    Apparently Hillary’s girlfriend, Huma Abedin Weiner, is only allowing Mrs. Clinton to sit down for interviews about her new book with female reporters! The Liberal CNN Money points this fact out: “here’s who will be interviewing her on television: • Diane Sawyer, ABC News • Robin Roberts, ABC News • Cynthia McFadden, NBC News • Jane Pauley, CBS News • Christiane Amanpour, CNN • Bret Baier and Greta Van Susteren, Fox News. People magazine published an interview with Clinton on Wednesday, conducted by its Washington bureau chief, Sandra Sobieraj Westfall. Is it a conscious choice on the part of Clinton’s handlers that virtually all of the interviewers are women? Or is it a coincidence?” Soooo, Bret “Dude” Baier only gets an interview because Greta is with him?! Why only women, Mrs. Clinton? I wonder if the Taliban terrorists she approved negotiating with were all women?

  45. Hillary 2016 Trying to intimidate the NY Times!
  46. 6/5/14 – The Washington Free Beacon is reporting Hillary’s girlfirend Huma Abedin Weiner teamed up with Philippe Reines to pay a visit to the NY Times. “Clinton aides reportedly griped about the paper’s coverage of the potential 2016 candidate, arguing that Clinton has left public office and should not be subjected to harsh scrutiny, according to a source familiar with the discussions… [reporter Amy] Chozick’s recent reporting includes a story last month that suggested a family feud was brewing between the Clintons and Marjorie Margolies, Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law. Margolies lost her Democratic primary bid for U.S. Congress in late May, and the Times reported that Hillary Clinton’s conspicuous absence from the campaign had rankled some Margolies allies. In April, the Times also reported on Clinton’s difficulty defining her accomplishments at the State Department…”

  47. The Hillary Clinton “Accomplishment” Of a Youth Office May be Wiped Out
  48. 5/30/14 – 630 WPRO.com notes, “A State Department office created by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that she touted as a direct channel to young people around the world is undergoing bureaucratic changes that could lead to the elevation of its mission — or, one veteran of government red tape warned, its eventual demise. Founded in 2011 under the leadership of Special Adviser Ronan Farrow, now an MSNBC host, the Office of Global Youth Issues was established to change the way America engages with people under 30 around the world…” – Big Surprise that a Hillary aide, Farrow, now is an MSNBC host. *Gag!*

  49. Hillary’s Benghazi Lies – # 39: Her Foolish Plan: ‘I’ll Just Refuse to Talk About Benghazi’
  50. 5/30/14 – From the Washington Postal: “…Clinton rails against congressional Republicans for politicizing the attack on the American facilities in Benghazi, writing that “I will not be a part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead Americans. It’s just plain wrong, and it’s unworthy of our great country.” …Democratic political operatives, Clinton supporters and foreign policy experts met Friday to coordinate strategy for discussing the Benghazi attacks as Clinton begins the rollout of her book… “Those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me,” Clinton writes, in a tone reminiscent of her angry outburst under Republican questioning before Congress several months after the assault… In a statement, Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski said… “Team Hillary leaked the Benghazi chapter from her book continuing the company line — blaming Republicans… The White House and Democrats including Hillary Clinton have been less than forthcoming with information from the very beginning — emails prove Democrats coordinated to put the White House and politics before the facts…” Meanwhile Breitbart.com reports the book, “points out that she [Hillary] – not the four men who died in Benghazi, Libya, on the night of September 11, 2012 – is the victim… The portions quoted by Politico demonstrate an offputting self-pity and a false righteous indignation utterly at odds with Clinton’s actions as Secretary of State… the sacrifice of those who served our country wouldn’t have been necessary if Clinton had done her basic duty in protecting diplomatic facilities overseas. And when it comes to politicizing Benghazi, it was the Obama administration that repeatedly lied for weeks to the American people about the source of the attacks to continue portraying President Obama as tough on terror during election season. Hillary goes on to attack anyone who asks questions about her behavior during Benghazi, writing, “…Those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me.” Except, of course, for the “political slugfest” in which she engages by ripping the motives of her opponents….” She may be losing support from democrats with this lame strategy as Real Clear Politics reports even Chris Matthews says asking about Benghazi is legit. Meanhwile, Michael Goodwin of the Newy York Postal agrees with Breitbart.com, ” In her latest defense of Benghazi, the former secretary of state comes awfully close to making herself the fifth victim. Not to worry — Libyan terrorists aren’t stalking her. It’s those evil Republicans and some in the media who are playing politics with the deadly attack that’s got her claiming to be a target.”

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