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By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.


“She has fooled, and made fools of, many, many people over the years. Those who think she would be a good president are worse than fools.” – Patricia McCarthy, the American Thinker.

Here is the truth about Hillary Clinton. We correct the record. This is the Hillary Archive. The only Official Hillary Clinton List. This list contains the Hillary Clinton lies, flip-flops, scandals, hypocrisy, gaffes and more that “Ready for Hillary” & “Correct [and by that, they mean ‘Lie About’] the Record” doesn’t want you to remember.



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  1. Hillary’s Benghazi Lies – # 45: Her Book Lies About Availability of Special Forces to Deploy to Benghazi
  2. 8/21/14 – Hillary’s inability to tell the truth (sounds just like Obama) results in a lie in her Hardly Choices book. Aaron Klein reports, “Clinton wrongly writes that the closest U.S. Special Forces that could have responded to the attacks were “standing by in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, but they would take several hours to muster and were more than five thousand miles away.” Klein notes it has been confirmed Special Forces known as C-110, or the EUCOM CIF, were on a training mission in Croatia the night of the attacks. The distance between Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, and Benghazi is about 925 miles. The C-110 is a rapid-response team that exists for emergencies like terrorist attacks against U.S. embassies abroad. Instead of being deployed to Libya, the C-110 was told the night of the attacks to return to its normal operating base in Germany.”

  3. Hillary’s Benghazi Lies – # 44: Her Book Lies AGAIN About the Cussing and Spitting Susan Rice
  4. 8/21/14 – Hillary’s inability to tell the truth AGAIN results in ANOTHER lie in her Hardly Choices book. Aaron Klein reports, “Writes Clinton: “Susan stated what the intelligence community believed, rightly or wrongly, at the time. That was the best she or anyone could do.” …[Gregory] Hicks testified he knew immediately it was a terrorist attack, not a protest turned violent. According to Hicks, “everybody in the mission” believed it was an act of terror “from the get-go.”

  5. Hillary = Obama’s 3rd Term
  6. Hillary-Clinton-Obama-jpg-300x168
    WAPT Pic – Click2Visit
    8/21/14 – As WAPT News 16 reports, “…”If you like Obama, you will love Hillary. She was in his government, she was at his side,” said the [Hillary CLinton friend and former Aide] source. “That is, the way to go after her is four more years of the same old thing. The question they should ask her is ‘Tell me 10 things that you disagree with him on.'” Others in Clinton’s current and former orbit see the “third-term Obama” question as a possible issue.” — Voters suffering from Obama fatigue, tired of his constant lies, will not be excited about electing Her Hillaryness and suffering through four more years of the same old crap.

  7. Hillary Lied Big Time about her Made-up Position on Syria!
  8. 8/18/14 – Jed Babbin at the American Spectator (one of our favorite sites) adds this one to the Hillary Lies List. “Clinton’s memoir of her State Department daze, Hard Choices, does say that she advocated strongly for arming the Syrian rebels, or at least the good guys among them (of which there were none.) But Clinton’s position was as variable as the weather. Her book says that after she left the State Department, on September 9, 2013 for those who are following the facts, she visited Obama and told him it was crucial to pursue a diplomatic resolution to the Syria conflict, which is a far cry from military support for the rebels. Clinton wants to divorce herself from Obama’s foreign policy and be seen stronger and more decisive. Her problem is that she, almost as much as Obama, is the architect of the foreign policy that has alienated our allies, encouraged our enemies, and left a power vacuum where once a superpower stood.”

  9. ‘Hard Choices’ Hillary Forgot!
  10. hillary-book-tour-246x300
    8/18/14 – babbinAnother from our friend Jed Babbin at the American Spectator: “Obama’s intervention [in Libya] was a major mistake. [Hillary] Clinton recounts the debate but she never tells us whether she was for or against the Libya intervention… Clinton is just as slippery in recounting the decision to surge troops into Afghanistan in 2009. At one point, she says the president wanted to hear the opinion of each member of his national security team, of which Clinton was one. But, again, Slippary doesn’t tell us where she stood… Another failure, glossed over in the book, came when the Syrian civil war erupted. At one point in 2012, she talked with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about Syria. When he asked her, “But what is the endgame,” she had no answer, or at least her book leaves out any response she may have made. The failures go on and on. Clinton writes that she tried to stop the Saudi invasion of Bahrain. All she succeeded in doing was angering our allies. When Obama was announcing his “pivot to Asia,” Clinton met with her Chinese counterpart who told her, “Why don’t you ‘pivot’ out of here?” … Putin’s invasion of Ukraine continues. Obama’s silence is thunderous. Hillary’s silence is equally telling for someone posing as a stronger, more expert handler of such crises… Hillary won’t advocate any serious effort against ISIS or the Russian insurgency in Ukraine because she wants Obama’s political base to become hers. And because she believes in his policies, which she helped create.”

  11. Hillary Adviser Blames Clinton for Hamas Terror Tunnels!
  12. 8/17/14 – hillary tunnels The Algemeiner has the bombshell story: “Dennis Ross, the senior Mideast policy adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from 2009 to 2011, has admitted that it was he who was assigned the task of pressuring Israel to ease up on its military blockade of Gaza. “I argued with Israeli leaders and security officials, telling them they needed to allow more construction materials, including cement, into Gaza so that housing, schools and basic infrastructure could be built,” Ross revealed in the Washington Post on August 10. “They countered that Hamas would misuse it, and they were right.” Not that Hillary’s State Department had been acting independently of the White House on the issue of cement. For example, Vice President Joe Biden told interviewer Charlie Rose on Bloomberg TV in 2010: “We have put as much pressure and as much cajoling on Israel as we can to allow them to get building materials” and other forbidden items into Gaza. But now that Mrs. Clinton is attempting to distance herself from the president’s debacles in foreign affairs, Ross’ admission shows that it was she who sent her personal envoy to push for a policy that ultimately enabled Hamas to build the terror tunnels.”

  13. Hillary Clinton is Boring in her hometown!
  14. 8/17/14 – The Politico reports, “When Hillary Clinton signed books in Chappaqua, her hometown, it was muted, both inside the library where the event was held and elsewhere in the town. There was little overt buzz about the signing in the hamlet she’s called home for 15 years… The signing fell at the close of one of Clinton’s roughest stretches since she re-entered the public eye this year during the book tour. An interview she gave to The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, in which she threaded praise of President Barack Obama with her toughest criticism of his foreign policy, dominated headlines for much of last week.”

  15. She Doesn’t Have the Job, But Hillary Clinton Demands the Suite!
  16. 8/17/14 – Apparently Hillary has quite the list of demands for a public speaking appearance. That is, demands other than her $225,000 speaking fee! From the Business Insider: “Hillary Clinton’s speaking contracts apparently include even more demands than previously reported. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Saturday evening that Clinton’s expectations for speaking at a University of Nevada, Las Vegas Foundation fundraiser included “a presidential suite” for her and “up to three (3) adjoining or contiguous single rooms” for her staff. The Democratic presidential front-runner’s “standard travel expenses” also included a chartered airplane, which should be “Gulfstream 450 or larger jet,” according to the paper’s information request concerning her UNLV appearance this October. Clinton’s speaking agency further expected “all ground transportation” to be covered, as well as “all phone charges/cell phones and meals during their stay…”

  17. Hillary Not Good at Campaigning
  18. 8/15/14 – Hunter Walker at Business Insider summarizes the obvious. “the conventional wisdom on Hillary Clinton seems to have shifted. Her White House bid has gone from being perceived as an inevitable juggernaut to decidedly shaky ground. While this might seem surprising, a growing number of political insiders have suggested they saw this coming for a very simple reason: Clinton just isn’t good at campaigning. Clinton’s recent book tour was supposed to serve as a soft launch for a 2016 bid, but it quickly ran into obstacles. First, Clinton made a series of gaffes about her wealth. Then, last weekend, an interview with Clinton made headlines for her criticism of the Obama administration’s foreign-policy positions…” UPDATE 8/23/14: From the World Tribune “Clinton tends to fare better when she is visible in the public eye but not communicating beyond a preset, boring policy speech that interests only the political chattering classes. She does well to be seen but not really heard.”

  19. Secret Service Detail for Hillary – Worst Job Ever!
  20. 8/14/14 – From Yahoo news: “There’s no worse assignment for a Secret Service agent than protecting Hillary Clinton, if claims in a controversial new book are to be believed. Ronald Kessler’s book, “First Family Detail,…” “She is so nasty to agents that being assigned to her detail is considered a form of punishment,” Kessler told “Top Line” of Clinton, who continues to receive Secret Service protection as a former first lady. “It shines a light on her character,” Kessler said. “She claims to be a champion of the little people, and she’s going to help the middle class. And, in fact, she treats these people around her, [who] would lay down their lives for her like sub-humans; and I think voters need to consider that.”

  21. Hillary Says She & Obama Messed up in Syria & that Mistake Helped ISIS!
  22. 8/10/14 – Jonah Goldberg at the Atlantic writes: “The former secretary of state, and probable candidate for president, outlines her foreign-policy doctrine. She says this about President Obama’s: “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.” – …she used her sharpest language yet to describe the “failure” that resulted from the decision to keep the U.S. on the sidelines during the first phase of the Syrian uprising. “The failure to help build up a credible fighting force of the people who were the originators of the protests against Assad—there were Islamists, there were secularists, there was everything in the middle—the failure to do that left a big vacuum, which the jihadists have now filled,” Clinton said. As she writes in her memoir of her State Department years, Hard Choices, she was an inside-the-administration advocate of doing more to help the Syrian rebellion…” ConservativeAmerican.org points out she didn’t advocate for that successfully. She failed in her leadership as Secretary of State by failing to convince others to agree with her position. Therefore, she and Obama (who were in charge at the time) both are responsible for the mess that has followed. Jed Babbin at the American Specator notes, “Obama responded by calling her criticism “horse****,” which it resembles closely… She showed up almost everywhere and talked to pretty much every world leader and wannabe. But for all her effort there’s precious little evidence that anyone was persuaded by her ideas.” Meanwhile, the Washington Times says Hillary’s critical comments about Obama have pissed off the left! “Hillary Rodham Clinton hugged out her differences with President Obama on Wednesday night, but she may need to save some of that affection for disenchanted liberals who fear the Democratic party’s 2016 front-runner is acting more like a thinly veiled neoconservative. After her harsh critique of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy in an interview published last week, the two talked by phone Tuesday and met in person Wednesday at a private party on Martha’s Vineyard. The White House said the president and first lady “were happy to have the chance to spend time” with Mrs. Clinton.” — Pleased to see her?! I think not. Fox News says Hillary’s attempt backfired… “Two years before her Atlantic interview, Clinton suggested to CBS News that arming a moderate faction in Syria was not “viable.” And since her critical comments of the Obama administration’s policy were published, the ex-secretary has phoned the president to clarify her remarks. According to reports of the call, the message was: no hard feelings… “This is such a blatant display of Clinton inauthenticity. It’s breathtaking,” Fox News contributor and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday. “She did finally appear to say something that she believes and then, of course, retracted.” — As for that retraction and the promise to “hug it out” with Obama, Greg Richter writes at Newsmax that no such thing happened. “President Barack Obama and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were supposed to have hugged it out and made up when they both attended a party on Martha’s Vineyard last week, but Clinton biographer Ed Klein says no such thing happened. Instead, Klein writes in the New York Post, the meeting was “a tense, awkward freeze-a-thon.” …According to Klein, Hillary Clinton and Obama were seated near each other, but did not speak. The Clintons and Obamas went out of their way to avoid each other, Klein said.”

  23. Hillary Clinton is no ‘Populist!’ She’s in the Goldman Sachs Country Club!
  24. 8/3/14 – From the liberal Ring of Fire website: “…Clinton’s camp is trying to market the former Secretary of State as a populist candidate, but a quick look through her history proves that’s not the case. This week, she spoke at an Ameriprise Financial conference in Boston, filling in for George W. Bush. She’s also booked or has made speeches for Fidelity, KKR and Co., the Carlyle Group, and Goldman Sachs. In June, the Clintons held a daylong event to discuss the family’s philanthropic foundation with its biggest donors. Where was this meeting held? At the Goldman Sach’s headquarters, of course. The investment banking firm has donated anywhere between $250,000 and $500,000 to the foundation…” Amy Eddings says that makes many libs question where her loyalties lie. Why question it? Isn’t it obvious?! UPDATE 10/14: The Politico says some powerful donors are NOT ready for Hillary either.

  25. Excuses, excuses! More from Madame Hillary!
  26. 8/1/14 The Clinton News Network (CNN) is reporting Hillary has blamed Billy Bob’s disgusting sexual antics and misbehavior on abuse. This from the same lady who laughs about adults abusing kids! From CNN comes the Hillary quote: “He [Bill Clinton] was so young, barely 4, when he was scarred by abuse. … There was terrible conflict between his mother and his grandmother. A psychologist once told me that for a boy being in the middle of a conflict between two women is the worst possible situation. There’s always a desire to please each one.” …In a conversation with Diane Blair in 1998, Blair claims Hillary Clinton mentioned that she and Bill Clinton spoke with a psychologist who dealt with family therapy and sexual infidelity problems. “Most men with fidelity problems raised by two women and felt conflicts between them,” Blair wrote in a diary about her conversation with Clinton. The psychologist had “read about Bill’s bio; grandmother despised Virginia, tried to get custody of Bill; Bill adored by his mother; but she left him, etc. etc.” Hillary told an interviewer…the President’s infidelity issues stemmed from his abusive mother and led to a sex addiction for the former president.” I guess for the feminist leader Hillary Clinton, this things make Billy Bob Blythe’s behavior acceptible.

  27. Hillary Clinton’s Need to ‘Correct’ the Record!
  28. 8/1/14 When people want to look at “the record” of something, they want to see the facts. The record-ed information of a happening is factual. So why would Hillary Rodham Clinton fans need to start a group ficticiously called “Correct the Record” to restate and respin the truth? Hmmmm? What BS! Maggie Haberman writes at the Politico that group is out with seven talking pints to repair the damage done by Hillary’s book tour blunders! She quotes Isaac Wright, a leader at the Obscure the Record group: “…the right-wing attack machine is not substantially changing the dynamic. The American people haven’t allowed it. They know better.” Really?! Then why the need for seven talking points, eh? He continues his daydream this way, ““Right-wing strategists realize Hillary Clinton is well suited for a 2016 general election and are spending significant quantities of money, political capital, and time hoping to undercut Clinton’s momentum, forward-thinking vision and record of accomplishment.” In his dreams perhaps. there isn’t a single strategist on the right that believes Hillary Clinton is well suited for anything other than a job as a CNN talk show host. To correct the record on Correct the Record’s lame attempt, we note that strategists are trying to undercut Hillary only because they don’t want another lying, millionaire socialist in the White House. This is a mean and vindictive woman and a person like that has no business in the people’s house.

  29. Hillary Clinton’s Stupid Criticism of the Washington Redskins!
  30. 7/29/14 – redskins-controversy-300x300Yet another reason Hillary is an idiot: She has joined the Bob Costas crowd calling for the Redskins NFL football team to change its name. If you were a native American, what would be more offensive to you — taking the Redskins name as proud and victorius warriors or using the name “Cowboys?!” As we have explained before, the whole issue is nonsense. From CBS Sports, we learn Hillary is all too happy to join the nonsense: “During an interview with Fusion TV on Monday, Clinton was asked if she thought ‘Redskins’ was a racial slur. “I think it’s insensitive and I think there’s no reason for it to continue as the name of a team in our nation’s capital,” Clinton said. “I would love to see the owners think hard about what they could substitute.”

  31. Hillary Clinton’s Stupid Defense of Hamas!
  32. 7/29/14 – On Fusion TV today, Hillary Clinton defended the terrorist group, Hamas as it lodges rockets at Israeli children daily. “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explained that Hamas hides their military weapons among civilians due mainly to geography, not religious extremism or hatred of the state of Israel. When asked about Hamas use of schools to fire rockets at Israel, thereby endangering children, she had this to say: “Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas; part of it is because Gaza is pretty small and it’s densely populated.” – She can’t be serious! They hid them in schools cuz there’s just no other place to put them? Give us a break. No one wants a zero like that in the White House. And she thinks Hamas has its back against the wall?! What about Israel?

    Breitbart points out this is yet another piece of evidence that Clinton would continue the Obama anti-Israel policies. FrontPage Magazine calls her a ‘fake’ over this lame response.

  33. Demo-Socialist Hillary Clinton says US Supreme Court is Anti-Women?!
    7/2/14 – As reported on the Rush Limbaugh showhttp://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2014/07/02/nobody_can_name_anything_hillary_did_as_secstate: Hillary Clinton thinks that the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case is a step toward the kind of anti-women policy seen in extremist, undemocratic nations. Rush Limbaugh said, “This woman is either a blithering idiot or a total in-the-tank statist, maybe a combination of the two. But this is not a step toward anything. This is a temporary halt in the onslaught toward totalitarianism.”
  34. Democrats Upset with Hillary’s Comments on Immigration
  35. 6/28/14 – Nothing like ticking off your base. Ruben Navarrette writes at the San Jose Mercury News about Madame Hillary’s misstep, “Clinton glibly said during a recent CNN town hall that these young people “should be sent back” because “we have to send a clear message: Just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay.” So does this mean we’re going to enter these homes where families have been reunited, and rip the child out of the arms of his parents? U.S. Latinos got the message. Clinton — who started her career with the Children’s Defense Fund and who likes to think of herself as a lifelong advocate for children — won’t defend or advocate for these children. With her tough-sounding “send them back” mantra, Clinton forgot the same thing that so many Republicans often forget: Any solution to the immigration problem that fits neatly on a bumper sticker is not a good approach.”

  36. Hillary Says Her Gaffe Doesn’t Count Because It was Only Five Words!
  37. 6/16/14 – Rush Limbaugh said the other day, “You put a bucket of excrement in front of her [Hillary Clinton], and she’s going to step in it.” Rush is right again. The Wall Street Journal reports today that Hillary is once again making excuses for being so out of touch with regular Americans: ““Well, I shouldn’t have said the five or so words that I said, but my inartful use of those few words doesn’t change who I am, what I’ve stood for my entire life, what I stand for today.” — Yeah, and that’s the problem Mrs. Clinton! You are still the same out of touch one-percenter you have been for decades. UPDATE 6/29/14:Ruth Marcus says Hillary is whiny and defensive about this.

  38. Democrat Author Raises Possibility Hillary is not Healthy Enough to be President!
  39. 6/23/14 – A few short weeks ago, Karl Rove and others were blasted for daring to question Hillary’s health. It was all just political wishful thinking from mean republicans, right? Well, democrat Edward Klein is out with a new book about the Clintons and Obama’s and he writes that Hillary Clinton has a serious heart condition. That alone would make her unfit to be President. Obviousyly some mean ol’ republican must have tricked Mr. Klein, right?! From Rush Limbaugh: “…the chapter on Hillary’s health, and if this is true, this is devastating. Hillary has a bad heart. Doctors diagnosed Hillary with several problems. This is after she fell and hit her head and all that horrible stuff happened, was out for six months. She had a right transverse venous thrombosis, which is a blood clot between her brain and her skull. “To make matters worse, it turned out that Hillary had an intrinsic tendency to form clots and faint. In addition to the fainting spell she suffered in Buffalo a few years before, she had fainted boarding her plane in Yemen, fallen and fractured her elbow in 2009, and suffered other unspecified fainting episodes. Several years earlier, she had developed a clot in her leg and was put on anticoagulant therapy by her doctor. However, she had foolishly stopped taking her anticoagulant medicine,” like all smartest women in the world do “which might have explained the most recent thrombotic event,” or clot. And it makes the point that Hillary has flown so many miles as secretary of state that that’s another reason why she’s got thrombotic tendencies, ’cause flying up there so long promotes lack of blood flow and clots and this kind of stuff. “Hillary’s tendency to form clots was the least of her problems. She also suffered from a thyroid condition, which was common among women of her age,” even smartest women of her age, “and her fainting spells indicated there was an underlying heart problem as well. A cardiac stress test indicated that her heart rhythm and heart valves were not normal. Put into layman’s language, her heart valves were not pumping in a steady way. “When the author,” Ed Klein, “attempted to contact the Clintons’ cardiologist, Dr. Allan Schwartz, he refused to comment, which made it impossible to determine the exact nature of Hillary’s medical status or its long-term significance. However, sources who discussed Hillary’s medical condition with her were told that Hillary’s doctors considered performing valve-replacement surgery. They ultimately decided against it. Still, before they released Hillary from the hospital, they warned Bill Clinton: ‘She has to be carefully monitored for the rest of her life.'”

  40. “Clueless” Hillary Clinton has “Zero Empathy” for everyday Americans
  41. RushLimbaugh.com Image Click2Visit
    RushLimbaugh.com Image Click2Visit
    6/23/14 – Rush Hudson Limbaugh discussed Hillary Clinton’s inability to stop talking about how rich she is. “”We’re not well off.” She has no idea. The point here is, she has no idea. Big Democrats, they care! They’re for the little guy. They’re clueless! They have no idea. She wouldn’t be talking this way if she had any idea what life was like for most people in this country, particularly now in the Obama-Democrat Party economy. You can’t talk to any people that vote for her and get any sympathy for her when they know that she may be worth $50 million and says, “Well, we’re not truly well off. We pay ordinary income taxes.” This is tone deafness on steroids. It is an inability to relate to people. It is zero empathy… How can the smartest woman in the world say such dumb things consistently?” More here on the Hildebeast and her money from HotAir.com, the U.K. Daily Mail, or the Daily Caller.

  42. Even Hillary’s daughter, is Always Talking About Money!
  43. 6/23/14 – Again from Rush Limbaugh: “The Chelsea story’s in the New York Daily News: Hillary Clinton insists she isn’t ‘well-off’ and now daughter Chelsea says she couldn’t care less about money. ‘I was curious if I could care about (money) on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t,’ she told UK’s The Telegraph, explaining why she gave up lucrative gigs to join her family’s philanthropic foundation. Comparing her experience to the average millennial, the 34-year-old former first daughter defended jumping around to different careers — from consulting to a hedge fund to academia to journalism — before finding her true calling working with her parents.” Aw. Her true calling working with her parents is going to guarantee her a lot of money without having to work for it. Who are they trying to kid here?” — It’s easy for future President Chelsea not to “care” about money. NBC gave the rookie journalist a whopping $600,000 a year salary. She should try being poor once. Then she might care about money. I’m sorry but what kind of Bee-otch says stuff like this? Chelsea has inherited the arrogant gene!

  44. Hillary’s Benghazi Lies – # 43: Admits She Knew the Video was a Lie!
  45. 6/23/14 – Ed Klein is out with a new book, ‘Blood Fued,’ about the Clintons dueling with the Obama’s in which he details the lies Hillary Clinton’s team told him as they toss Obama under the bus to save the hopes of Hillary 2016: “By 10 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2012, when Hillary Clinton received a call from President Obama… She had no doubt that a terrorist attack had been launched against America on the anniversary of 9/11. However, when Hillary picked up the phone and heard Obama’s voice, she learned the president had other ideas in mind. With less than two months before Election Day, he was still boasting that he had al?Qaeda on the run. If the truth about Benghazi became known, it would blow that argument out of the water. “Hillary was stunned when she heard the president talk about the Benghazi attack.” — So the new plan, “leaked” to Klein, apparently is to blame President Obama for coming up with this lie and pretend she had nothing to do with it. That’s kind of hard to do when she continues to go along with the lies to this very day! Back to the Klein book from the New York Postal: “…one of her top legal advisers said in an interview. “Obama wanted her to say that the attack had been a spontaneous demonstration triggered by an obscure video on the Internet that demeaned the Prophet Mohammed.” This adviser continued: “Hillary told Obama, ‘Mr. President, that story isn’t credible. Among other things, it ignores the fact that the attack occurred on 9/11.’ But the president was adamant. He said, ‘Hillary, I need you to put out a State Department release as soon as possible.’” — Of course Hillary herself can deny all of this. She can claim she didn’t tell this “adviser” to say any of that and that none of it is true. Unless it works, then she will come forward and say, yes it is all true. Either way, she loses. She and the the President have carried out a terrible crime against the nation far worse than Watergate ever was. They lied in order to win an electionand did nothing to save the lives of four Americans. President Obama must be impeached for this. Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted. Klein then writes that Hillary called Billy Bob Clinton: ““That story won’t hold up,” Bill said. “I know,” Hillary said. “I told the president that.” “It’s an impossible story,” Bill said. “I can’t believe the president is claiming it wasn’t terrorism. Then again, maybe I can. It looks like Obama isn’t going to allow anyone to say that terrorism has occurred on his watch.” Hillary’s legal adviser provided further detail: “During their phone call, Bill started playing with various doomsday scenarios, up to and including the idea that Hillary consider resigning as secretary of state over the issue. But both he and Hillary quickly agreed that resigning wasn’t a realistic option.” — How many AMericans will be dumb enough to believe this new lie?

  46. Oops! Hillary Screws Up Again! Another Interview, Another Mistake.
  47. 6/22/14 – Philip Rucker at the Washington Postal points out thee latest version of Hillary ‘stepping in it.’ “Hillary Rodham Clinton defended scrutiny on her and her husband’s personal wealth by contrasting herself in an interview published Sunday with other multimillionaires who are “truly well off.”As if there is any such thing as a multimillionaire who is NOT truly well off! More from Rucker: “Clinton was asked whether she could be a credible champion for fighting income inequality in the United States despite her wealth. “But they don’t see me as part of the problem… because we pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off, not to name names; and we’ve done it through dint of hard work.” — First of all, no one says “dint.” Second, is she suggesting most multimillionaires got that way without hard work?! This is ridiculous. She is running from herself, campaigning against herself, as she speaks about income inequality. She is the very wealthy person that she wants voters to hate! Some sort of psychological issue is going on with Hillary. Does she hate herself? Back to the Postal: “If Hillary is going to run for President she might be advised to take a lengthy sabbatical from her $200k per pop speaking tour and private shopping sprees at Bergdorfs to try and reconnect with what’s happening back here on Earth,” [said] Tim Miller, executive director of America Rising… Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist and adviser to past presidential campaigns, tweeted: “Hillary’s so out of touch, she doesnt know shes out of touch. That she doesnt think she’s ‘really well off’ is crazy.” UPDATE 6/27/14: Since Hillary is truly well off, students at UNLV have asked her to donate back her $225,000 speaking fee!

  48. World’s ‘Smartest Woman,’ Hillary Clinton Suggests Breaking the Law in Dealing with Cuba!
  49. fontova-202x3006/22/14 – In a funny and creative article, Humberto Fontova writes at the Miami Herald that Hillary apparently flunked her foreign policy exam! “…Hillary Clinton was widely known as “The Smartest Woman in the World…” In her new book, Hard Choices, Hillary Clinton reveals that she prodded President Obama to “lift or ease” (what’s left of) the so-called Cuba embargo… But doesn’t she know that what’s left of the sanctions against Castro’s Stalinist regime are codified into law and can only be lifted by Congress, obviously after a vote? In fact, this codification took place with passage of the Helms-Burton Act in 1996. President Obama, having already delighted Castro by loopholing the Cuba sanctions almost to death, can’t go much further. Has Clinton forgotten? Or is this constitutional “expert” advocating even more U.S. government by executive fiat?”

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