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“Negligence, not ignorance, would be Hillary’s only explanation.” – Buck Sexton, The Blaze.

Here is the truth about Hillary Clinton. We correct the record. This is the Hillary Archive. The only Official Hillary Clinton List. This list contains the Hillary Clinton lies, flip-flops, scandals, hypocrisy, gaffes and more that “Ready for Hillary” & “Correct [and by that, they mean ‘Lie About’] the Record” doesn’t want you to remember.



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  1. Hypocrite Hillary Campaigns in Church
  2. 9/14/15 Remember all the times the democrats rail against Christians, harp on the separation of Church and State and blast conservative evangelicals? Seems this fake concern doesn’t apply to them. Hillary Clinton tried to have a “come to Jesus” moment yesterday where she suddenly “saw the light” and will now pretend harder that she’s actually nice to reporters!! What BS! Marisa Schultz at the NY go Postal has details: “Dogged by slumping polls and email controversy, Hillary Clinton turned to prayer Sunday. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea made an unexpected stop at the Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington where the former First Family attended services during the Clinton presidency. The Democratic presidential candidate preached a 20-minute sermon and shared a piece of advice from a pastor. “If you’re going to read and listen to Romans: 12, you’ve got to be nice to the press,” Clinton said the pastor told her. “To my friends in the press, I will certainly take that to heart.” The scripture has a message of blessing those who persecute you…” – Gag me. If the stop was unexpected, how come they were counting on her to give a 20-minute sermon?! It was not only expected, it was pre-scripted. And even will she fakes a desire to be nice to others, she slams reporters who she thinks are ‘persecuting’ her for her endless stream of lies. No wonder no one trusts her. Even her hometown Chicago Tribune says “Hillary’s Kinda Dull!”

    “We can’t trust Hillary Clinton to tell the truth on just about anything.” – Gov. Scott Walker

  3. Hillary Email Scandal # 22 – Classified info Sent via G-Mail for all to Hack & See!
  4. 9/14/15

    Hillary Clinton in Green Dress
    Hillary Clinton
    From the democrat-run Politico website: “Classified emails passed through commercial email services like Google and AOL on their path to or from a private server maintained by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state, but so far, the government appears to have done little to retrieve or secure the messages. A POLITICO review of Clinton emails made public by the State Department shows that at least 55 messages now deemed to include classified information appear to have been sent to or from private accounts other than Clinton’s. That number is certain to grow substantially… and her advisers sent emails on the same topics that never reached Clinton. The nonchalant response to messages stored on commercial servers contrasts sharply with recent FBI efforts to take possession of email copies on a thumb drive maintained by Clinton’s attorney David Kendall and on a server kept by a Denver tech company that managed Clinton’s account. “They are discordant, and they reflect inconsistent notions of information security,” said Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists. “They are totally incompatible positions…” — Meanshile, another socialist, Bernie Sanders is taking a “major lead over Hillary Clinton in key battleground states” and the Washington Go Postal reports the FBI might be able to recover all of the deleted Hillary Benghazi emails.

    “New York Times columnist David Brooks had some harsh words for Hillary Clinton Sunday morning on Meet the Press, telling host Chuck Todd that he believes she is not creative and is “leaking air… She’s an establishment candidate in an anti-establishment year,” Brooks said. “She’s not creative. I think creativity and imagination is a very under-appreciated trait in politics … And she’s in a party that has moved away from her.”

  5. Hillary Campaign Under Investigation For Election Law Violations!
  6. 9/12/15 Robert Jonathan reports, “The Hillary Clinton campaign in Nevada is reportedly under investigation for alleged election law violations. This development emerged after… James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas crew released another hidden camera video targeting the Democrat front-runner’s field organization. In the video, Clinton campaign staffers appear to be co-mingling voter registration efforts with simultaneously promoting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president which is apparently improper under state election law. “The video purports to show an undercover Project Veritas journalist recording the campaign staffers discussing how during voter registration drives they openly endorsed Clinton and the Democratic Party. That’s an apparent violation of election law, which prohibits registration workers from advocating for a candidate or a party,” The Daily Caller reported.

  7. Hillary Email Scandal # 21 – Lame Apology Comes Months Late
  8. 9/10/15 From Chris Cillizza at the Washington Go Postal: ““I’m sorry.” It took Hillary Clinton the better part of six months to say those two little words about her decision to set up a private e-mail server after she was nominated as secretary of state in late 2008. After a series of “I’m sorry if people were offended” non-apologies, Clinton finally delivered the no-frills version in an interview with ABC’s David Muir this past week. “In retrospect, as I look back at it now, even though it was allowed, I should have used two accounts,” she acknowledged. “One for personal, one for work-related e-mails. That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility…” Yawn. Yeah, right. Meanwhile, the uber lefty Salon.com wonders aloud if Hillary (some of this stuff just makes you want to puke) “has an authenticity problem.” Her problem is that she is authentically a lying liar!

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