The Latino Let Down

Democrats have let down Latino voters again.

President Obama promised Hispanic voters he would tackle immigration reform during his first year. He didn’t. Big surprise…another broken promise.

So why do Latin Americans vote for democrats again?

We’ll let the left who voted for Obama tell this story. We looked for a Latin American Obama voter and we found one. In a recent article in the UNLV Rebel Yell, Eva Rodriquez-Saenz wrote, “It was not long ago that Latinos voted overwhelmingly for President Barack Obama in hopes of attaining a greater presence in the minds and votes of legislators.”

“But,” she continued, “As the health care debate heats up, it seems unreasonable for the administration to make a solid move on immigration policy. The risk alienating some voters, as always, rears its ugly head in the campaign offices of the many politicians up for reelection in 2010. Latinos are not the only ones affected – every immigrant who continues to be victimized by a poorly structured immigration system is also being punished. Nonetheless, the largest group affected, without a doubt, is that of immigrants from Latin American.”

“The chants of “¡Si se puede!” have died down as fall approaches with no viable plan yet offered by the White House. There have been meetings where “leaders” of the community meet to offer their ideas on how immigration policy should be structured, but they walk away with empty promises once again. During an interview with Univision in May 2008, Obama continuously voiced his promise that made it sound like there would be immigration reform within the first year of his presidency if he was elected. He was elected with well over 50 percent of the Latino vote and his first year ends on January 20, 2010.”

“It is understandable that he would want to deal with other important domestic issues of concern, but this is beginning to sound like the song never ends. Each presidential candidate attends Latino-based events and gets interviewed by Univision and as soon as the Oval Office opens, all promises appear to be negotiable. “


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