The New York Panzies and the Big Chill

Remember in Madagascar where the local animals discover the New York ‘giants” are just a bunch of panzies?  The King shouts out, “Hey look, it’s the New York Panzies!”

ny panzies

I heard Ainsley Earhardt (I think it was her… sometimes hard to tell with all the blondes on Fox!) going on and on January 1st about how she was out in the cold in New York on New Year’s Even and how very cold she was. It was +27 degrees outside. Sooooooo cooold! Poor Ainsley.


The big chill in Wisconsin will put the actual temperature lower than -20 degrees tonight.  Wind chills are supposed to reach beween -40 and -50 degrees.  That is actually cold, Ainsley!  Bundle up and come visit us!


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