The Obama War on Coal

Paid for by Organizing for a Socialist America
Paid for by Organizing for a Socialist America

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Jet flying and coal hungry and proud of it.

President Barack Hugo Obama’s War on Coal is in the news again today. From Fox “Oh look! Another blonde anchor!” News:

“Coal mines are burdened with a never-ending stream of federal regulations… the cost of getting coal out of the ground has tripled… “It seems like everything on the coal industry is under siege, everything is under attack,” he said… Many miners, particularly in Appalachia, have labeled the administration’s policies the War on Coal. “I just believe the Obama administration has taken a huge impact on the coal industry and Appalachia. Anymore, you just never know from day to day if you are going to have a job or not,” said miner Phillip Conley.”

Recently Team Obama followed through on yet another one of his plans to kill the American economy and eliminate jobs.  Congress would not go along with him, so he just decided to illegally make his own law to wipe out the coal industry.

Jason Hayes at the American Coal Council writes…

“The release of the EPA’s revised carbon pollution standard for new power plants today sets an emissions limit for coal of 1,100 lbs of CO2/MWh. This is a level that cannot be met given current technology. Thus, the practical effect of such a rule would be to stop the construction of any future coal-fueled generation capacity in the U.S.

Unfortunately, the proposed rule will also stymie future research into clean coal technologies and/or carbon capture utilization and storage. Is this an unintended consequence, or an intended one?

America is fortunate to have plentiful energy resources, including nearly 30% of the world’s coal reserves. Coal today accounts for 40% of U.S. electric generation, more than any other fuel source, due to its abundance, reliability, and affordability. Coal is essential to the health of our economy and our global competitiveness.”

Oh, but who cares about wiping out 40% of our energy?!  We’ll all feel better knowing we have saved mother earth from greedy republicans in fancy airplanes *gag*.  This is one of Obama’s dumbest moves yet, one that even he admits will cause energy prices “to skyrocket.”  And, let’s face it, for this to be one of his dumbest moves, that’s really saying something.

At one point, Obama actually supported coal.  He was an Illinois state senator then…

“1/25/11 From democrat-run CNN comes this: (OBAMA) “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they’re doing just fine on their own,” he said. “So instead of subsidizing yesterday’ energy, let’s invest in tomorrow’s.” Fact Check: Tuesday’s speech marked his third swing at this series of tax breaks, following failed attempts at repealing them in 2009 and 2010. His 2010 proposal put the estimated cost of those provisions at $36 billion over 10 years. In fact, as a senator from Illinois, Obama voted for one of the last big rounds of tax breaks for the  industry. He wasn’t particularly happy with that part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, complaining that it did “virtually nothing” to reduce U.S. oil consumption. But the bill included support for two of his home-state industries, coal and and corn-based ethanol.”

Since graduating to the big leagues however, this team has hated coal and lied about it. As we pointed out in December of 2009 on the Official Obama Administration Scandals List, in one of numerous pieces of bull President Obama spread during a talk at the liberal Brookings Institution…

“Obama”s Brookings Bull # 8: We Need Wind Power- 12/8/9 OBAMA: “…put Americans to work doing the work America needs done: doubling our capacity in renewable energy like wind and solar.” FACTS: All attempts to make wind and solar technology into efficient sources of power have failed to date.  Nuclear power works now.  Clean burning coal technology works now.  Obama thinks nuclear energy is good enough for Iran, why not for us?  American doesn’t ‘Need’ to work on wind and solar power right now.  Research can be done by private industries.”

Oh, but don’t worry.  He flip-flopped on coal January 27th, 2010 (also from the Scandals list)…

“2010 State of Obama # 12:  Energy Policy Flip Flops! – 1/27/2010 Barack Obama is trying to become Sarah Palin!  He verbally announced that he basically supports HER energy plan! He claimed he wants to build more nuclear power plants in the U.S.A., drill offshore now and support new clean coal power plants!  Those moves, if true, would be wonderful and welcome.  I’m not going to hold my breath.  This is part of his new populist image he is trying to roll out.  If you listened carefully, he also said he would put in some incentives to make clean energy the profitable method.  In other words, the only way to make money will be with wind and solar!  He also took time to brag about creating 1,000 jobs for people making solar panels. After we compared Obama to Palin at ConservativeAmerican.org, Rush Limbaugh picked up on the theme the next day on his radio show.”

Even Democrats knew he was just telling lies…

Democrats Don’t Believe Obama and His Legacy of Lies Anymore! – 2/14/2010 Real Clear Politics reports, “He says I’m for clean coal, and then he says it in his speeches, but he doesn’t say it in here,” said Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia. “And he doesn’t say it in the minds of my own people. And he’s beginning to not be believable to me”

In fact, by June 29th of 2010…

“Coal Policy Costing Wisconsin Thousands of Jobs! (And One of them Could be Sen. Russ Feingold’s – Obama Handling of Bucyrus Could Cost Feingold His Job! – 6/29/2010 Socialist-Democrat Russ Feingold is in trouble this November.  He faces a serious candidate in Conservative American Ron Johnson.  President Obama isn’t helping Russ, either! Obama’s anti-coal policy has caused the Export-Import Bank to reject a loan that will cost a Milwaukee firm $600,000 and could eliminate 1,000 jobs!  Way to go Barack! Here’s the Socialist-Democrat-Worker’s Party Champion killing union jobs to save the planet from a made-up global warming hoax, and he’s doing it in the middle of a recession! From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Former Michigan Gov. John Engler has urged the U.S. Export-Import Bank to reverse its recent decision that denied loan guarantees for mining equipment that would be made by Bucyrus International to supplying coal for a power plant in India. Engler, now president of the National Association of Manufacturers, said he spoke with Bank Chairman Fred Hochberg. At risk is about $600 million in equipment sales for Bucyrus, of South Milwaukee. Without the loan guarantees, for an Indian power plant developer, Bucyrus says it will lose the equipment order and up to 1,000 U.S. jobs will be in jeopardy.  ConservativeAmerican.org notes that one of those jobs in jeopardy likely belongs to Russ Feingold. “

The nation’s first white-black President even claimed that nasty black coal causes Asthma!

CNS News has the latest lie: [OBAMA] “The challenge with coal is that although it’s very cheap, it’s also dirty. And it can create the kinds of air pollution that not only is contributing to climate change but is also creating asthma for kids nearby,” Obama said in answer to a question about balancing deficit reduction with government spending on clean energy. “You got asthma? Okay. And so sucking that stuff in is not ideal,” said Obama. “So what we’ve said is, let’s invest in clean coal technology that potentially can capture some of these particulates and some of the carbon dioxide that’s going into the atmosphere.” Asthma, however, is not caused by coal, or the emissions from coal-fired power plants, as the president suggested.”

And let’s not leave out Obama’s pal, Vice President Joey Buttafuoco Biden, who used to be proud of his (made up) coal heritage!

“Emmett Tyrrell at Town Hall reported in the fall of 2008, “Despite having been ignominiously forced from the 1988 Democratic presidential primaries for plagiarizing British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock’s recollections of life in Welsh coal mines, Biden BS’d to an audience of Virginia coal miners that when he was young, he had been “a hard coal miner” — which was revealed to be a total fabrication.”

Rush Limbaugh warned about this stupidity on May 21st, 2009 on his radio show…

“…what the hell are we doing? We are looking into freaking windmills! We are examining freaking solar panels! We are in the process of trying to take out the coal industry!…of building little cars with propeller whirly birds on top that have no more power than a lawn mower! We are taking ourselves back to the freaking Stone Age…meanwhile, we are helping the United Arab Emirates go nuclear with their power!…We can’t go nuclear. We can’t do any more nuclear. It’s shut down. But we’re going to help the rest of the world do it? We’re gonna give away our technology, or sell it or whatever we’re going to do. Don’t misunderstand, I got no problem with it. But at the same time I don’t want to sit around and have to live in a country where I have to look at a windmill every **** day and hope and pray the wind’s blowing just to be able to turn on a 40-watt fluorescent, compact, stupid, spaghetti lightbulb that’s not enough light to do anything by!”

Congress must find a way to control this out-of-control President as he continues to just ignore them and act as a King.

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