The Oil Spill – If Obama was Bush

Monday, May 24th, 2010

By Peter Andrew, Author “Legacy of Lies – The 2009 Obama Administration.”
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To the progressives, everything was (and still is) George W. Bush’s fault. They drummed up conspiracy theories about 9/11 and blamed him for people in New Orleans not leaving despite the warnings. The Gulf Oil Spill certainly would be a different story, if Obama was Bush. Let’s have some fun with a little satire, shall we? The piece would probably go something like this…


Obama’s Katrina! – Nola.com Pic

Dateline: Madison, WI: President B. Hussein Obama is directly responsible for the Gulf Oil spill, and he made it happen for political reasons.

The President sent David Karl Axelrod and some recently released Navy SEALs to the bottom of the ocean in top secret military diving suits that make dives of that depth possible to deliberately blow up the pipe beneath the oil rig and cause the spill.

Newly discovered evidence by the H.R. Huff-n-Stuffington Post reveals the motive: Obama was determined to get his Windfall Profits Tax on big oil, no matter what. Since republicans in congress have failed to use their control to do anything about approving Hussein Obama’s windfall profits tax,…

Obama created the spill to make big oil pay anyway!!!

This truth is so blatantly obvious that Hollywierd movie maker Michael Moore-on has already started working on the film; “Nazi Barack Attacks Ocean on Purpose!!” The movie is due out on June.

Progressive-Socialist-Democrat environmental wackos have suddenly ceased all of their protests upon hearing of the news. They had initially failed to recognize this obvious Obama plan and were protesting the death of millions of innocent Republican sea creatures and the horrible destruction of plants and sand along the sea shores of the Gulf coast. Realizing the Obama Gulf Oil Conspiracy has been successful, they have called off the protests. Hundreds were seen laughing and having a good time in local bars frequented by gay rights activists. How typical of the liberal left.

Conservative Americans Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin have correctly called the Obama Conspiracy the biggest scandal of our lifetimes. “To purposefully destroy the environment simply to make oil companies dish out billions and score political points, is an act of war against our own nation,” said DeMint. DeMint promised to start a congressional investigation into the President’s attack on the rig.

Interviewed while butchering turkeys with only her hands and a fishing line, Palin said, “The real crime here is the death of all the innocent sea creatures. As we like to say in Alaska, there is plenty of room for all the creatures of the ocean,… right next to the mashed potatoes!”


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