The One #Debate Question Chris Wallace Must Ask

With the only “issue” being discussed anymore in the 2016 presidential election being inappropriate sexual behavior, I think there is one crucial question Chris Wallace must ask Hillary Clinton during the final debate.

In one form or another, the question from Chris should go like this…

“Mrs. Clinton, you’ve been critical of the comments and actions of Donald Trump toward women. You’ve said they disgust you and they are wrong. If these comments and actions are so very offensive to you, would it be fair to say that if you were married to Donald Trump, you would divorce him?”

She would never answer the question of course. But it should be asked. Her own husband, Bill Cosby-Clinton, has said and done things far worse. He’s an accused rapist and she’s a child rapist lawyer, for God’s sake. If she thinks what Donald has done and said is so terrible, then why didn’t she divorce her husband who did things far worse? The debate is Wednesday night on Fox News. It’s a tough, but very fair, question. Why? Because somehow Hillary Clinton is claiming the high moral ground in this argument and the lamestream in-the-tank media (which Chris Wallace is not part of for either party) is allowing her to stand up there on that mountain. She has no right to do so, and cannot claim any sort of moral high ground in a “fair and balanced” debate.

Tune in!

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