The Option Republicans Ignored

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The senate has approved the budget deal.  This republican strategy is being touted as the only option the party had to move forward, the only strategy they had given they only control one house of congress. There was another option.

The permanent politician republicans in Washington say the only strategy is to take what we can in a budget deal, get that over with, and then keep the heat on the Obamacare Nightmare.  It is a strategy.  Those in power have decided to use it.  There are two major problems with this plan. The first is its goal and the second is its exit strategy.

The goal of this GOP strategy to just get the dang budget deal passed, warts and all, is supposedly to keep the focus on Obamacare SO THAT THE GOP can win big in 2014 and retake the U.S. Senate while holding on the House of Representatives. What’s wrong with that? Makes good sense, right?

Really? Think about it, the goal of the GOP in this game is to score political points, NOT to help the American people suffering through Obamacare. Pointing that out will upset them because they will claim they can’t do that until they have more power in Washington. Thus enters the second problem with their plan.

The budget deal they are trying to sell to Conservative Americans (even with the help of Conservative Americans like U.S. Senator Ron Johnson and others) will not help the American people by ending the Obamacare Nightmare EVEN AFTER the 2014 elections.  So, the GOP is basically saying hey, we’ll keep the heat on Obama and we’ll take the senate then we can tackle Obamacare! Yipee!

What if they don’t take the Senate? Then won’t we look back and question why we went along with this strategy? (HINT: Yes, we will). And, if they do take the Senate, do you think the GOP has any intention to, or ability to, end Obamacare at that point? (HINT: No, they don’t). They can fight a symbolic battle over funding which the President will ignore. But the day after the 2014 elections, the GOP will say, “Now, we just need a political strategy to achieve our political goal of winning the White House in 2016, THEN we can do something about Obamacare!”  That’s the end-game plan? That’s the exit-strategy? And if they win the senate and take back the White House, we’ll be 3 years into the law.  Will they then say, it is too late?

Score political points for the next 3 years while we just let people suffer? Thanks a lot, Republicans.


Permanent Republicans will laugh at this one (in fact they already have been). Why not say to the nation,…

We hear you. We know that each and every poll that has been taken shows that a strong majority of Americans want Obamacare to end NOW!  We could just ignore that for 3 years and tell you that you have to vote for us so we can do something about it. But that option stinks for you, your neighbor, your employer and the nation.  We owe it to those of you who asked us to represent you in the U.S. House of Representatives to put your needs first, not ours.   The need to end Obamacare now outweighs any need for political victories in 2014 or 2016.  We can’t just sit around and hope and wait for three years.  The democrat party passed the Obamacare Nightmare without a single republican vote. This disaster is on them. Fixing it, is on us. We can do it if you, the American people, will help us.”  Then announce the deal…

“The republicans will not approve any budget deal or any further extension in the debt ceiling unless Obamacare ends now. The democrats in the U.S. Senate and that ‘one man in one faction of one party in one White House’ (as the President likes to say) must hear you, listen to you, represent you instead of ruling over you from on high!  We know this action today means the President will try to scare you all again about things that will happen with a government shutdown in January.  Here’s the thing, remember that the President by himself decides what gets shut down and what doesn’t. Those choices were made by him alone last time and were his responsibility. Those choices will again be entirely his responsibility.”

President Obama lied to you about being able to keep your plan and keep your doctor. He will now lie to you again and blame republicans for the supposedly awful things that will happen if the government shuts down.  We need you, the American people, to stay strong with us. We need you to let the democrats and the President know that you’re not buying that nonsense and you want Obamacare to end now!  Let them know that you realize the only reason republicans won’t sign a budget deal is because we are working for you to end Obamacare! The republicans stood as one against Obamacare. We are doing that again now for as long as it takes. No budget, No debt ceiling extension unless Obamacare is ended.

“It’s now up to the democrats and the President to listen to you, the strong majority of Americans, and put a stop to Obamacare right now. We will remain strong for you and we need you to remain strong for us!  Don’t buy into the democrat idea that the republicans are going against the ‘law of the land.’  We know the American people do not like this law in this land and we intend to represent you even if it means each of us loses our own next election.  You are more important than our own selfish political strategies designed just to put us back into power.  This won’t work without you.  This effort to end Obamacare now will fail, and Obamacare will cause havoc for you the rest of your life, if you don’t stand with us NOW! Today! We need you to, starting today, get on the phone every single day and tell the President and your democrat representatives to end Obamacare now. Call them, write them, email them, go visit them, come to Washington, let your voices be heard, demand your voices be heard! Contact local and national media to make sure they are covering your point of view, the point of the view of the majority, instead of running every piece they can to make the President look good.  This is a full-court press, but we can’t fill the court without your voices. Government of the people BY THE PEOPLE can only happen if the People are willing stand up and be counted. The republicans have heard you, America and we are standing up for you.”

Good Lord, wouldn’t that be nice?  Can you imagine John Boehner making a speech like that? (Yeah, I know, hard for me as well.)

Heck, why not try that?

Why not demonstrate that someone in Washington D.C. made it through the check point without having their testicles cut off at the door. I believe this strategy had as much of a chance to work as the GOP “ignore it for 3 years” strategy has.

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  1. I agree that the Republicans have ignored this option. But after the fiasco with the government shutdown, I am not surprised they would do so. Even though the shutdown was not their fault, they received 100% of the blame. The Democrats and their President escaped unscathed.

    Admittedly, the truth about ObamaCare has raised its ugly head in fine fashion since that time, but even with the House and the Senate in GOP hands, I’ll be shocked if they follow anything that resembles the path you have laid out. They do not have the stomach for it.

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