The Real Uncle Toms

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

Obama selfie during funderal
Obama Selfie – He’s the kinda guy who laughs at a funeral.
The slang term, “Uncle Tom,” is used as an insult to a black person that does whatever they can to stay in the good graces of white people. For decades, it seems like the only people ever accused of being an Uncle Tom are blacks who happen to be republican.

The real Uncle Toms are those blacks who insist that every other black fall into line behind the rich, white democrat politicians who make up the ruling elite in Washington, D.C. And, that includes Barack Hussein Obama, who is half white. Fox reported today that the top 5 wealthies districts in the nation all are represented by rich, white democrats. So much for the big lie that republicans are the party of the rich whites. If this was ever true, it has not been true for decades. The majority of Wall Street donations go to rich, white democrats. The big Hollywood money goes to the liberal left.

Jamiliah Limeaux of the Uncle Tom “fall in line” Ebony magazine recently took to Twitter to slam Juan Williams’ son, Raffi because… God, forbid… his opinion was different than hers. He had a more conservative view than her pro-regressive liberal view that keeps black people in chains.

Look at the facts. The War on Poverty, started by democrat polticians, has not helped black people at all. It has ruined the black family, helped to destroy the proud black Christian churches, ruined inner-cities, created generations of people who know nothing of freedom and instead live within the chains of government “support.” That’s the same “support” that keeps them permanently down, out of power and out of luck.

Blacks like Limeaux, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the half of Barack Obama that is black, have simply discovered they can get rich off this whole racial division thing. It’s how they make money, get wealthy, and get to socialize with rich, white, socialist democrats. It’s Hollywood to them, a dream come true.

I suggest to you these are the real Uncle Toms. These are the ones who simply go along with the ruling democrat party white folk, help spread the historical bullsh** about republicans hating blacks, and gather their paycheck from an industry set up and designed by democrat President Lyndon Johnson to destroy black people.

The democrat party did not support getting rid of slavery. Republicans did. The democrat party did not support civil rights. Republicans did. The democrat party created the War on Poverty (read: War on Blacks). The Republicans did not.

Why do we need magazine, Ms. Limeaux, just for blacks? The very name of her “Ebony” magazine is all about skin color, the almighty God of Victimhood. How is that not racist in and of itself? It’s time for the bullsh** to stop. Let it go already. Try to notice the person, not their skin color!

Whites have to stop accepting the guilt taught to them by socialist union democrat teachers in public indoctrination camps (schools) and blacks have to open their freaking eyes to the real Uncle Toms. It’s NOT the republicans.

Republicans don’t tell black people they are no longer black if they vote democrat. Yet within the black community, that’s exactly what happens when a black person dares to vote republican, voice conservative opinions, or worse yet… run for office as a republican. Wake up! Realize that the blacks who tell you these things are profiting from the race industry. They are profiting from keeping you down and in chains in a crime-infested inner city that has been run by democrats for 50 years. Why hasn’t any of this improved if these freaking democrats are “the only ones” who “really care” about you? BS. You’re smarter than that. This is an industry. Money flows from democrat politicians to the “right” blacks, the ones who pretend to work on poverty, careful to make sure they don’t do too much good. After all, that would put them out of business. Why would they set up such a system? If that were true, why would blacks go along with it? Mabye instead of listening to those who call republicans racists, it’s time to ask which party contains the real hatred for black Americans.

The fact is Conservative Americans are not the devil. We don’t care what color your skin is, who you sleep with, what faith you have (if any). We are Americans, like you. We want the best for all citizens, like you. We want people to be taught to depend on themselves, not the government. We want every American to take pride in what they do, what they can learn, what they can achieve. Equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. Equal outcomes has never been America. The first Pilgrims tried it. It didn’t work then and it will never work. Equal outcomes goes against human nature. We want to achieve, succeed, obtain, share and then start over and do it even bigger!

Time to break those democrat chains that bind you and give Conservative Americans a chance in the voting booth. What do you have to lose? Voting democrat for 50 years has done absolutely nothing for you.


  1. The Black Freedom Movement villifies the one slave who inspired the whites of the USA to free all the slaves? Sure sounds like someone has messed with their “collective” minds…

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