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Why would medical doctors, supposedly pretty darn smart people, risk their careers to write fake medical notes for union picketers? What’s reallygoing on in Wisconsin? As we suggested last year, the GOP battle must be about ending what Rush Limbaugh this week called “Money Laundering.”

ConservativeAmerican.org's Democrat Union Corruption Cirle
ConservativeAmerican.org’s Democrat Union Corruption Cirle


By Peter Andrew
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Conservative American Gov. Scott Walker took our advice. He’s working to end a built-in, legalized circle of corruption that gives your tax dollars to the democrat party. It’s about time.

“It’s the Perfect cozy setup.” That’s what Charles Krauthammer called it.

“It’s money laundering,” says Rush Limbaugh.

“To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.” – Thomas Jefferson!

Leading the way RIGHT, we suggested last November that the GOP dismantle the corruption that allowed democrat politicians to mandate that tax dollars wind up going right back into their own pockets to help with their own reelections. The topic is gaining in popularity now with the debate in Wisconsin. Rush Limbaugh discussed it earlier this week and today Charles Krauthammer chimes in

In the private sector, the capitalist knows that when he negotiates with the union, if he gives away the store, he loses his shirt. In the public sector, the politicians who approve any deal have none of their own money at stake. On the contrary, the more favorably they dispose of union demands, the more likely they are to be the beneficiary of union largess in the next election. It’s the perfect cozy setup. To redress these perverse incentives that benefit both negotiating parties at the expense of the taxpayer, Walker’s bill would restrict future government-union negotiations to wages only. Excluded from negotiations would be benefits, the more easily hidden sweeteners that come due long after the politicians who negotiated them are gone. The bill would also require that unions be recertified every year and that dues be voluntary.

Limbaugh put it this way

So this illustrates again how phony Obama is. “We all have to live within our means. We all have to tighten the belt. We all have to do with less.” Wrong! Because they are beholden to union paymasters, their main priority when in power is to increase the cost of government — i.e., when you pay these people. By increasing the cost of government, you launder money through the unions and get the dues returned to you. So the Democrats, for all the ideological reasons they want to expand government, also have an economic reason to expand government. Expanding government, increasing the cost of government enhances their power because the unions are essentially money launderers of taxpayer money.

It’s the same thing we were saying last November

So think about this: your taxpayer dollars go to pay the salaries of unionized government employees. Those employees are required to be in the union and pay union dues from their salary… the same salary you are paying. So your taxpayer money goes not only to employee X, but also to her labor union. As seen in 2008 and 2010, labor unions use many millions of dollars to elect members of the democrat party. Perhaps that party is more accurately described today, under current leadership, as the Socialist-Democrat-Workers party… Bottom line? Corrupt Democrats have succeeded in forcing you, as a Conservative American, to pay for their party. Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves. If the GOP is going to be bold, and embrace the Tea Party, why not tackle this issue? We need huge federal budget cuts.Discontinuing the forced support of union employees by taxpayers would be a sound first step.

That is the REAL issue in Wisconsin. Democrats trying to hold on to their corrupt funding.

We’re thrilled Scott Walker took our advice. Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana, and Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey all are working in the same direction. These are important times for Conservative Americans. We’re glad to see some of the “big boys” pointing out the truth in what we have been saying all along, Leading the way Right.

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