The United Nations itself Has Failed – Let’s Move On.

The whole grand experiment of having a so-called “United Nations” assembly to prevent wars and conflict has completely failed. It is nothing more than a US-funded playground for loudmouth tyrants and dictators who are given equal footing in some sort of corrupt attempt at a “senate.”

We could eliminate the United Nations completely and the world we be no worse off. Instead, we host evil dictators in New York… even those, like Iran’s President, who are responsible for killing American soldiers.

It’s time to end the nonsense.

If we can eliminate the United Nations, let’s do that. Let Donald Trump take over the real estate and sell this prime office space to fuel a growing New York economy.

If we can’t get rid of it, let’s (as we suggest on our “Truths We Hold” page — our Conservative American platform) at least Dramatically change our role in the United Nations.

That prime real estate in New York shouldn’t be wasted as a luxury stop for the world’s dictators. If it stays in that location, the U.S. needs to pay no more than 10% of the expenses of the U.N. We’re okay with the U.N. moving out of the country or moving to a state in need of economic development, freeing up that land in New York for generating new wealth.

President Obama is trying to kill the entire coal industry. Why not move the UN to one of the states he has crushed economically? And let other nations pay for the stupid dictator’s club. If they don’t want to pay for it, it can cease to exist.

These ideas would save us billions and bring more common sense to the world. The UN has become only about redistributing the wealth of the citizens of the United States to the rest of the world. The UN is a giant version of President B-Rock Obama. It invents fake things like man-caused global climate change that only the money from the evil, rich, USA can cure and then demands we do so. With liberal lunatic Samantha Powers and her husband as part of the Obama team of radical extremists, the USA has no hope of accomplishing anything good at all in the UN.

Within the last week, the USA did not even clap when the leader of Israel spoke. God forbid we stand up and applaud one of our supposed allies.

The UN is a joke and we’re not laughing anymore. It’s an expensive failure which, as liberals always do, the left wants to hang on to forever.

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