The USA’s Lost Decade

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – What we’ve always said was, ‘If you like your socialism, you can keep it.”

Japan had its lost decade. What about the USA? Okay, so it’s not quite a lost decade (thank God). But the period of 2008-2016 could perhaps be described as the Lost 8 years of Obama.

When the President campaigned, it was all about the economy, stupid. President Obama promised this would be his top priority and he wouldn’t rest until Americans were all working.

He was just kidding. He quickly shifted to a socialist takeover of healthcare, a huge chunk of the economy, that would allow him to redistribute wealth from rich, white, evil, fat-cat, corporate jet-flying, republicans and redistribute it to black people.

When that didn’t go well, he again promised to shift his attention to the economy, making it Job # 1.

He was just kidding. He went right back to work on the Obamacare Nightmare and shoved it down the choking throats of the American public which did not want the plan. He passed his power grab without a single republican vote.

So, now we are in year # 6 of his presidency, and we’re still talking about this socialist destruction of freedom. No freedom to pick your own health plan (it has to be one Obama picked for you). No freedom to keep your plan if you liked your plan. No freedom to… well, you get the idea.

So when, exactly, will we focus on the economy? What happened to not resting until Americans had jobs?

The 2016 election must produce a Conservative American leader who can do the following…

· Repeal Obamacare

· Preserve the healthcare system we had before, the greatest in the world

· Improve that system by…

o Allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines

o Requiring coverage for pre-existing conditions

o Requiring mental health coverage

· Restore the Thomas Jefferson rules in the U.S. Senate to return to the design of our founders and give the minority party (Yes, even if it is the socialists) the power to check and balance the majority party

· Within the first 30 days in office, take some large steps to improve the economy…

o Tax cuts at every level of income

o Address the nation to explain that businesses (let’s call them EMPLOYERS) don’t actually pay taxes, these costs are passed on to customers, people like you, only increasing your costs and, in effect, your taxes. Explain tax rates in competing nations and explain why our business tax rates must be reduced; to employ the American people!

o Substantially reduce the tax rates for small and big businesses, we call them EMPLOYERS, to help take the engine of capitalist progress out of “Park” and put it back into “Drive.”

o Eliminate 100 business-limiting regulations in 100 days. No doubt there will be thousands of recommendations. Then, do it again.

We have plenty of other ideas as well. Just click the “Truths we Hold” link at the top of the page.

In 2016, we will have wasted 8 years. If voters elect Conservative Americans, there will be very little time to make things happen. Legislation will need to be ready to go within those first 30 days to do the things mentioned above, each of which are steps to GET THE GOVERNMENT THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY and let we the people (who actually DID build that) return this great nation to prosperity.

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