Time to Eliminate Obamacare. Period.

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Ted Cruz needs to do it again in January.  He needs to tie up the senate and refuse to allow discussions on any new budget deal until Obamacare is eliminated.  Let the government shutdown.  Explain the Default Lie to the American people.  We will not default if no agreement is reached to raise the debt ceiling.

No agreement on a budget, continuing resolution or increase in the debt ceiling until Obamacare is repealed.  Period.

Yes, the government will shut down and more than 17% will shut down this time.  Yes, Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will have to make some decisions about what to pay when the debt ceiling is not increased.  If the two of them choose to default, that is 100% on them.  The GOP needs to start explaining that now.

This should be the rallying cry of the republican party, the tea party, of all Conservative Americans.  We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Republicans need to plan this effort and send someone out to speak to the press every day between now and then with a different angle, a different piece of information and always (every day) explaining these 10 basic points…

  • Obamacare is wiping out tens of thousands of jobs
  • Obamacare is forcing companies to cut jobs from full-time to part time
  • Obamacare is increasing the cost for people not decreasing it for the average family by 25% as promised
  • Millions cannot keep their health plan or their doctor as promised
  • Millions will lose their healthcare, not gain it.  We were promised millions of uninsured would gain insurance and instead millions are losing it!
  • The President knew for years that this would happen and lied to the public about it (use the word LIED)
  • Never before has such a huge program been passed without bipartisan support.  This is unprecedented (use the word UNPRECEDENTED)
  • The President wants this law in place so the government can control another nearly 20% of the American Economy.  No one cares more than the President and Harry Reid that this law stay in place regardless of how much it hurts you and your neighbors (use the phrase NO ONCE CARES MORE THAN THE PRESIDENT)
  • The law must be repealed and the republican party will stand with the American people on this, even if it takes until after the 2016 election
  • Shutting down non-essential parts of the government is not bad.  After all, they are non-essential and remember the President alone determines what gets shut down, not congress, not the republicans.  Preventing an increase in the debt ceiling is a good thing.  We simply cannot continue to spend more than we make.

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