Time to Impeach. Period.

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

We have been reporting since before the 2008 election on Barack Obama’s lies. His lie with the biggest impact on the American people is unfolding today. News reports on Fox and on the liberal National Barack Channel say President Barack Obama knew in 2010 that at least 10-million people would lose their insurance as a result of the Obamacare Nightmare, yet he continued for more than two years (and as recently as 2012) to lie to America with his promise, “If you like your plan, you can keep it. Period. If you like your doctor, you can keep him. Period.”

He has told literally hundreds of lies. This one is different.  Many of the President’s lies have to do with politics and the American people are bored with them. They know politicians lie and its a big yawn to many people. This one hits the American people in their own lives by wiping out the health insurance coverage they liked, increasing their premiums by more than 100% in many cases, and quadrupling (and more) their out-of-pocket expenses.

This lie has eliminated the Trust that many of the American people still had in their President. This lie cannot be explained away or spinned away.  He lied.  It impacts nearly all Americans. They no longer trust him.  If a vote of “no-confidence” were taken by the American people tomorrow, it would pass easily.  The nation has no confidence in the dishonest Barack Obama.

For God’s sake, it’s time to impeach this man. He has violated his oath of office many times…

  • by refusing to uphold “the law of the land” on immigration
  • by changing “the law of the land” on Obamacare more than a dozen times without the constitutional authority to do so
  • by failing to protect our citizens serving this country (Benghazi)
  • by being dishonest with the American public about the Benghazi attack just to win re-election
  • by using confidential IRS information to attack individual political opponents (IRS Scandal)
  • by using the IRS to prevent Tea Party groups from forming and raising money to fight his agenda (Nixon only thought about using the IRS to go after his enemies… Obama actually did it)
  • by illegally allowing guns to be sold in Mexico just so he and Hillary Clinton could claim American guns were causing violence in Mexico and therefore, we need gun control in this nation (Fast & Furious Scandal)
  • by appointing a racist Attorney General who dropped a case the nation had already won against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation because blacks, he thinks, cannot intimidate voters… only whites can do that according to Eric Holder
  • by appointing a racist to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor who said obviously a “wise Latina” like her could make better court decisions than a white man
  • by using the NSA illegally to spy on every single American citizen, making records of every phone call made, to whom and for how long, and by recording every website you visit and monitoring every email you send.  This was intended only to be used on suspected terrorists operating in this nation, not on every single one of us (NSA scandal)
  • by intimidating and spying on journalists, threatening them with legal charges for daring to report anything unflattering about him (like Fox News’ James Rosen – the White House even had his parents phone lines tapped!) – (Spying on the Press Scandal)
  • and by so many other ways, it would take us hours to list them all such as appointing a tax cheat to run the US Treasury, illegally working around congress through unmonitored Czars, and on, and on…


Someone in the U.S. House of Representatives needs to get some dang balls already and put forth articles of impeachment.  This should happen prior to the January, 2014 budget battle.  John Boehner and Eric Cantor should have the common decency to follow through with impeachment.  I don’t care what the US Senate does.  The first step is to impeach him in the House.  Then, let’s have the senators, on a roll-call vote, say if they are for against trying the President in the senate.  Put them on record and let them face the voters.

This socialist President is the worst president this nation has ever had, elected only because of his skin color. His actions make Bill Clinton look like a choir boy and Richard Nixon look like a Boy Scout.

Enough is enough.  Impeach this liar!

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