Time to Privatize the VA

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UPDATE 5/27/14: Navy Doctor and U.S. Representative Andy Harris takes our plan for vouchers to Congress!

ConservativeAmerican.org suggests eliminating the VAThe Veterans Affairs scandal is yet another (who needed another?) example of how the federal government messes up everything it touches; doctors working half days, collecting whole paychecks, while veterans die waiting for the care they need and deserve.

This is a national, bipartisan disgrace.

ConservativeAmerican.org has long advocated taking better care of those in the military and our veterans. While republicans in congress want to take action to speed up firings at the VA, we suggest the time is now for a strong and bold approach.

Shut down the entire VA system and use the money to provide care for veterans at private facilities.

All of the 280,000+ presently working for the VA lose their jobs, the agency is shut down and the Treasury Department can allocate the money back to the states. This is the 2nd largest cabinet-level department and we simply don’t need it. The states can then use this money to pay medical bills for veterans who need care. The veterans can go to any private facility they want in the entire nation. The vouchers they get would be good at any legitimate private healthcare facility. Put the power back in the hands of the veterans to take care of themselves.

All VA facilities and land will be sold to private land-owners, with the exception of the national cemetaries which will be given to the states. No sales of other lands to state or local governments. The government (at all levels) owns way too much land in this nation as it is (and we suggest selling big chunks of it to pay down the national debt). Private hospitals may be interested in purchasing some of these facilities and hiring some of the employees. Then again, they may not. Let the chips fall where they may. Money from the sale of land and buildings can also be used for veterans care.

This is the kind of real change that is needed. The 85-year expirement that is the VA has failed. Here’s a bold idea; how about we learn from our mistakes?! We also suggest shutting down other federal government agencies and departments. It is the kind of bold, Scott Walker-ized change that is needed. And just as when Gov. Walker made big changes in Wisconsin, there will be people royally pissed off. Namely, the federal unions representing VA employees. And just as when Gov. Walker made big changes in Wisconsin, the taxpayers (the ones who had paid the salaries of these angry democrat-union-corrupt employees) will see it work, and lose any sympathy they had for the unemployed union workers, many of whom make more money than they taxpayers paying their salaries!

Of course there must be some good people working for the VA. Of course this will impact them. However, the blame is not on the American people who can demand this shut down. The blame is on an out-of-control corrupt federal government made up of way too many employees who take advantage of us and put in half days, even when that decision costs a veteran his or her life.

Enough! Government is bloated beyond recognition, corrupt without anyone providing checks and balances, and dangerously close to a socialist-union-democrat dictatorship. People will rally around our brave men and women who served in the military.

It’s time for another battle: time to fight the out-of-control federal government by demanding the VA be shut down and eliminated. It’s time we demand better care for the very men and women who have kept us free.

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