Time to Scott Walker-ize the Nation!

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Walker 2016
Walker 2016

What the nation needs now is Conservative American Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin.

Working with a republican state senate and state legislature, Scott Walker came in and did what no one thought he could.  He took the state from a $3-billion shortfall to a $1-billion surplus in one term.  This week he is poised to propose dramatic tax cuts this week to give some of the people’s money back to them. There is speculation he may even propose the elimination of the state sales tax.

He eliminated almost all of the bargaining rights for government employees in the state as a way to fight the democrat-union corruption circle that was wreaking havoc on the badger state.  For example, the state teacher’s union had a scam going where all school districts had to buy their employee insurance coverage from the union’s own insurance company!  That company then overcharged by as much as ten times used the money to fund democrat politicians who would vote to keep the corruption going.

ConservativeAmerican.org's Democrat Union Corruption Circle
ConservativeAmerican.org’s Democrat Union Corruption Circle


This built-in requirement that non-democrats must be forced to donate to the democrat party is absolute corruption and it started with John F. Kennedy paying back the union thugs in Chicago who cheated and bought him the White House. It was an executive order by Kennedy which allowed government employees at the federal level to unionize and screw the American people.

It’s time for that corruption at the national level to end.  Not only will it end the cheating of requiring conservatives to indirectly donate to democrats, it also will save taxpayers BIG, BIG money!  Just like it did in Wisconsin.

Oh, Walker caught hell for daring to fight the socialist-union-democrats. But the people of the state were behind him.  The union backed attempt to recall him from office failed by a considerable margin.

Walker is working to make government an ally in the effort to attract business instead of being a regulatory road-block to jobs and economic growth.  The nation also needs that.

He has guts to take on huge issues and make giant changes that have a lasting impact. A common complaint made by Conservative Americans like us is that these dang republicans all talk a good conservative game, get our votes, then get into office and join the permanent republican class which is not conservative at all.   Scott Walker isn’t one of those.

We don’t need another Chris John McCain Christie candidate in 2016.  We need a Conservative American like Scott Walker.


  1. I really like Scott Walker because I think he is one of the few Republican politicians, that has the let’s call it fortitude to challenge the big unions and not be phased by it. I give him credit for that…..needed someone with big ones to do it and not be afraid! I think we will need the same fortitude to get this country back! We need someone strong and unafraid!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts! You are always welcome here.

    1. Hi Floyd,
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Please know you are always welcome here, regardless of if you agree with us or not. Walker did, as you say, tell the Tea Party it should only knock democrats, not republicans. I hear you on that one. Here is a link to that info: http://www.infowars.com/walker-tea-party-should-lay-off-establishment-republicans/ Conservatives like us would love a perfect candidate, but I have not seen one. Walker has been great for Wisconsin and I think would be great for the nation too. He’s not perfect and we have been critical of him elsewhere, so we don’t subscribe to the theory that the Tea Party or any Conservative group should “only criticize democrats.” Hogwash. We stand for things and when politicians go against that, you and I have every right to speak up. Thanks again for your comments.

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