Tolerant Left Has No Trump Tolerance

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org
Leading the way Right.

Donald Trump tolerance
Trump Tolerance
The liberal democrat left of this nation claims over and over to be the party of tolerance, yet they have no tolerance at all for the Donald. Donald Trump recently made some truthful statements about ILLEGAL immigrants who are criminals. He said they come here, commit more crimes and get away with it.

The elite media left got its collective panties in a bundle over that one, claiming it was a racist, discriminatory statement that unfairly slammed potential Americans. BS. Trump was right and the murder in San Francisco proves it.

Its the tolerant left that has more compassion for tolerating ILLEGAL immigrant murderers than it has for beautiful, young 32-year-old American women out for strolls with their Dad.

Why are the libs so afraid of the truth?

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