Tragic Milestone: 2000 Military Deaths under Obama

Samuel Davis, 2000th Soldier to die Since Obama became President. - Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Picture

Samuel Davis, 2000th Soldier to die Since Obama became President. – Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Picture

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

This is a tragic day as we mark the sad milestone of 2,000 military casualties since President Barack H. Obama became Commander-in Chief. The death of Air Force Staff Sgt. Samuel Davis, 33, of West Virginia on Sunday, February 23rd, 2014 pushed the total up to 2,000.

The Obama Death Count milestone in no way means somehow the 2,000th death is more important than the first, 148th, or 1,999th. It should, however, be a moment when the nation pauses in grateful prayer to give thanks for these brave men and women who fight to protect our freedom.

Sgt. Davis died stateside while serving at an Alaska Air Force base. The Anchorage Daily News reports, “Anchorage police responded to a 911 call at 5:41 a.m. from his girlfriend, who said Davis wasn’t breathing, police spokeswoman Dani Myren said. He had back surgery the day before he died, Davis’ girlfriend told emergency dispatchers. Police arriving at the residence in the 14000 block of the Old Glenn Highway found nothing suspicious about the death, Myren said.”

To honor each and every one of our brave men and women in the military, ConservativeAmerican.org lists the names of the fallen. To see page one, please click hereClick here for page two, here for page three, and here for page four.  Unfortunately, we will now have to start page five.

They gave their lives to protect and preserve our freedom. We thank them, we remember them and we honor them. Unlike other lists you may see, our list includes deaths from both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as well as other military deaths (including those killed at Fort Hood, Texas, those who died in military training exercises and from other incidents or crashes). Just because they did not die on the battlefield, their lives still were valuable. They volunteered to serve this nation and died while in service. Because of this methodology, critics will say our count is not accurate. Rest assured, this count is accurate. If anything, our count would be too low because of missed stories about stateside deaths of active military members (if you find one we are missing, please let us know). If those critics are keeping a list of only deaths in battle, their tally will not have hit the historic 2,000 mark yet.

Our list is the one that author and Conservative American talk radio star Mark Levin spoke of on his show and listed on his website. ConservativeAmerican.org also hosts the controversial “Obama Death Count (which people frequently misunderstand)

If the Bush Death Counts kept by the lamestream media were wrong, why do we keep one for Obama?? To learn why we keep the Obama Death Count, click here

Newsbusts pic Click2Visit

Newsbusts pic Click2Visit

Somehow, to the press, all of the military deaths were important when George W. Bush was President.  That ended the day after the election in 2008 of Senator Barack Obama. CBS and Dan Rather ran pictures and names each night of the fallen.  None of that since Obama won.  ABC’s Charles Hubris Gibson suddenly wasn’t covering the antics of anti-war Mom, Cindy Sheehan once they didn’t need people to hate Bush anymore. And btw, where the hell is Cindy Sheehan now? Were her anti-republican rants worth it to her? She lost her marriage and some in her family turned on her.

If you recall, the 2008 Obama campaign was “against Bush” not Johnny MaverDick McCain.  Gibson & Rather never cared about the soldiers, that was all fake.  All they cared about was using these deaths to help get rid of republicans.  Rather fell from grace with his pathetic anti-Bush campaign which revealed what a huge liberal he was. Gibson also allowed Sheehan to disgrace him be revealing that he too, was just a big democrat.  He even played emcee at some democrat fundraisers.  This fake concern for the war dead is appalling.

If that concern were real, and it isn’t, where is the press now?

When it was a republican-run “bad” war, the New York Times was all over the story, calling it “A Grim Mark.” From their story, “The milestone of 2,000 dead was marked yesterday by a moment of silence in the Senate, and President Bush said that “the best way to honor the sacrifice of our fallen troops is to complete the mission.” 

So where was the moment of silence in the Senate today? There wasn’t one. There won’t be one tomorrow either. President Barack Obama will not make a statement either. He will ignore this milestone and hope that you do as well.

The media certainly found this kind of news important when it was Bush in the White House.

For Bush, the report of the 1,000th death came on September 7th, 2004, nearly three years to the date after the 9/11 attacks. His Presidential opponent at the time, John Kerry, called it a “Tragic Milestone.”

The Democrat party’s New York Times headline was, “For 1,000 Troops, There Is No Going Home.” They used the emotional pull to personalize their FULL-PAGE story…

“Dixie Codner had a question for the marines who came down her gravel road, past the rows of corn and alfalfa, to tell her that her 19-year-old son, Kyle, had been killed in Iraq. Should she bring them the dress blues, still pressed and hanging neatly in his closet, for his funeral? No need, she recalled them answering. They had dress uniforms from all the services, all sizes, waiting back at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, where the bodies of American service members come home. ”What does that say?” Ms. Codner asked, as she sat at her kitchen table in Shelton, Neb., on a recent morning, fingering a thick stack of photographs that her son had sent from the desert. ”How many more are they expecting? All I know is that there are 1,000 families that feel just like we do. We go to bed at night, and we don’t have our children.”

ConservativeAmerican.org has a few questions for the New York Times; Will the paper even run a story explaining that since Obama became Commander 2,000 soldiers won’t have any “going home?” Will they find a family like the family of Lance Cpl. Kyle W. Codner to interview? Will they interview Sgt. Davis’s family?

Marine Corp Pic of Torian (right)

Marine Corp Pic of Torian (right)

Will they interview the family of Marine Master Sergeant Aaron Torian, 36, of Kentucky who died on Saturday, February 15th, 2014. His passing was the most recent death that happened during battle. He was reportedly killed by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. You know the answer. Of course they won’t. 

The liberals who claim to be anti-war demonstrators disappear when their own candidate is commander. The truth is these hypocrits only care about military deaths when a republican is in charge. They only pretend to care about the lives of the soldiers when they can manipulate their deaths into political gain. 

The New York Times never called the spouse of Sgt. 1st Class James E. Thode of New Mexico, the 1000th military casualty under the Command of Barack Hussein Obama. The deaths were simply no longer important. The “tragic milestones” no longer had any meaning with a Democrat in the White House.

A few have indeed covered the story from time to time. They include ConservativeAmerican.org, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and FrontPage Magazine.

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