Trump Follows our Lead (5 years later) at #CPAC2014

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

A few weeks back it was Oliver North following our lead. Now it’s Donald Trump. His comparison of Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter is something ConservativeAmerican.org was first to do… 5 years ago!! That’s when we said the reason Jimmy Carter loved Barack Obama is because Carter would no longer be viewed as the worst president in U.S. History.

Carter Loves Obama
Carter Loves Obama

Nice to see people finally catching on to who this President truly is, allbeit a bit late.

First, from our post on May 9th, 2009

President Jimmy Carter loves President Barack Hugo Obama. It’s more than the fact they share a party. It’s more than the fact they both get good lovin’ from Hugo Chavez. There’s something else going on. The real reason Carter loves Obama is legacy. Barack Obama is promising to replace Jimmy Carter as The Worst President Ever!! For that, Jimmy is eternally grateful to Mr. Obama.

From Colby Itkowitz at the Washington Post, who points out to The Donald that President Jimmy Carter still is very much alive…

“We’re getting into Jimmy Carter territory,” Trump told the conservative crowd. “I never thought I’d see something like that again. I lived through that time, it was not a good time, and we’re pretty close, I think maybe by next month we will have surpassed the late, great Jimmy Carter.”

While the comparison is spot on, the point was missed by the press because of Trump’s obvious flub, wording it as if Mr. Carter had passed away.

Oliver North made his comparison on a recent Hannity Show.

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